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How to become beautiful


How to become beautiful </a>

Regardless of who you are and what you do, it's never too late to develop your beauty and become attractive to others.

To be beautiful in all senses of this word, it is necessary to act immediately in several directions.

Beautiful body

To be beautiful externally, there is no needDaily to play sports until exhaustion, for example, running long distances or often visiting fitness centers. Your task is to give your body proper attention, sufficient to maintain it in a normal form. Perform simple exercises at least 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week. Do it outdoors or in the gym. Take a walk, do not use public transport without extreme necessity. Try to do yoga. Such trainings will help you to save energy of a body, and also to behave in a good tone.

Healthy Eating

It is extremely important not only to preserve the beautifulAppearance, but also to monitor your health. Watch your diet. Try to eat five times a day, do not overeat at the same time. Do not skip meals trying to lose weight, it will only negatively affect your health, increase irritability and fatigue. Fruits and vegetables should become an integral part of your daily diet, eat them as often as possible. Avoid too fatty foods, it not only hurts your appearance, but also negatively affects the digestive system.

Skin care

To be beautiful, you must carefullyTake care of your skin. Try to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, use sunscreen. Even if you are walking in cloudy weather, a long walk can affect the skin of your face. Take care not to get an excessive tan.
Drink as much water as possible (at least 8 glasses a day). Water helps to moisturize the skin from the inside and to avoid, thus, its dryness and peeling.
Wash yourself morning and evening. If you have too oily skin, use cleansers, it will help to avoid the appearance of acne on the skin. If you have dry skin, use special lotions and moisturizing creams to help keep the skin clean and healthy.


An important part of preserving beauty isCorrect hygiene. Take a shower every day, it will help you maintain the freshness of the body, wash your hair more often, avoiding the accumulation of fat and dirt on them. To remove unwanted odors, use deodorants. Carefully care for the oral cavity, brush your teeth twice a day and, if possible, after eating.


To become beautiful, there is no need to possessExpensive things, your job is to stick to your own style and emphasize your appearance. Buy things that do not require a dry cleaning. Do not buy cheap things in large quantities, try to save by choosing clothes of good quality, which will serve you for several seasons. Remember that you can always find good clothes in economy class stores or even in Second Hand.

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