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How to become an expert on the program "What? Where? When?"

How to become an expert on the program "What? Where? When?"

Participating in the work of the intellectual casinoas a simple spectator, perhaps repeatedly, each managed to show the wonders of skill and resourcefulness, sometimes faster than the popular experts in the country of the game "What?

Where? When? ", Giving the right answers to the difficult and require extensive knowledge of the issues proposed at the mercy of the teams.

Often it is at this point comes the desire to put together their own team and go to the shooting, in order to test the strength of fortune.

Get on TV show

It turns out that to realize a dream and get onTV show "What? Where? When "you can simply enough: you need to be the author of an interesting question, which not only fall on the game table, but also the honor of being marked by all the players and the spectators present. These issues are not only valued by large cash prizes, but also honored with a special invitation to the authors of the game, passing in Moscow and other cities of our country.

Since 1990, the game is always carried out in the garden in Neskuchny Lodges (Moscow)

In addition, you can become the ownerticket or a special invitation to a central studio or clubs, where games are held with the participation of renowned experts. You can win by becoming a party to the specialized forum, which, by the way, there is the game "What? Where? When? ", Held in the country 17 times as much as a year since 1975. This is a real chance to become part of the crowd, to see themselves as part of broadcasts, conducted the first channel and personally enjoy the game of stars known intellectuals. The main moderator of the forum is the direct transfer of the director - Boris Hook, who is trying to answer the questions of fans and fans of the game.

Become an expert

Intellectually, the club has traditionally created anda completely new team. However, if earlier it was possible to become a member of the newly hammered together a team interested by sending a request to the editor of the club, but now the selection is much tougher. Not only become the winner of local, regional and inter-regional competition, it is important to successfully catching the eye of TV producers, to gain popularity and become a celebrity. To do this, you must pass the qualifying round "Brain Ring" show, and at least some of his shine on the set, then the probability of getting into an elite club of the void turns into a small, but still has a place to be.
Forge staff are experts and specialtournaments, which are held among viewers, who for several seasons to win from existing players points, thanks to its interesting questions. To get to such a tournament can be at the invitation of B.Kryuka, which is present in the final games.

The first game, which was staged as a family show, led not V.Voroshilov and famous A. Maslyakov.

For those to whom this path may seem complicated andexhausting, online community offers a host of sites, conducting online battles, this is a great chance to prove themselves and let to be on a par with such renowned experts as friends or Blinov, amuse pride and once again outdo weak opponents.

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