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How to become a writer in the horror genre


How to become a writer in the horror genre</a>

The genre of horror is popular not only in the cinema.

In the world, many fans of literary works, capable of tickling nerves.

Realizing this, publishers are almost constantly in search of new names, writers, capable of creating popular and popular works in the genre of horror.

The path of the writer of horrors, as well as the writerAny other genre, begins with work on skill skills. A person who intends to make a living with his writing talent must perfectly master the word, know the basics of composing the text and skillfully work with the peculiarities of the genre.

Most often the writer's craft select their ownProfession people who have a philological, journalistic or historical education. The foundations of the writer's profession are taught even in higher educational institutions. The knowledge gained in the course of training makes it possible to form a powerful literary base. However, writers, especially in the horror genre, can have other professions: technical, military, medical, etc. Practical tips on how to find and use reliable information when creating literary works are taught in courses on writing skills.

The first stage is to study the literature of the selectedGenre. The founder of the horror genre is Edgar Alan Poe, whose works are still considered the standard of horror literature. A modern classic of horror is Stephen King, most of whose books have become bestsellers. In studying the work of recognized masters of the genre, it is necessary to distinguish between teaching and frank borrowing. Do not try to recreate the atmosphere inherent in Kingu, or repeat the story of books by Washington Irving.

After a thorough study of the foundations of the genre shouldGo to the first "feather samples". The best advice for any writer is the basic rule - to write only about what you know. Of course, this does not apply to the fantastic component of the work. But, if the main hero of the book is a doctor, then the narrative of his way of life should be plausible and appropriate to reality.

In search of inspiration to the writer in the genre of horrorYou should carefully consider any information product that appears in its field of vision. This may be a mysterious crime, which is outlined in the newsline in general terms, or a rumor heard from a neighbor in the apartment. That's right, according to Stephen King himself, the most terrible and popular works of the genre are created.

Another source of information may beLegends, epics and tales of the peoples of the world. They contain a lot of information about legends, which were composed from generation to generation. Given that the main reason for their appearance was often fears that people could not explain, the study of these ancient legends will provide inspiration for the literary work.

After the first work is created,You should carefully consider the choice of the publisher. Often, publishers have specializations and do not consider works of unusual genres. So, when choosing a potential publisher, you should study information about the series that they release. If they have mystical series or a series of horrors, then the percentage of the positive decision of such a publishing house will be higher than that of the others. In this case, it should be borne in mind that each publisher is extremely careful to study the material. The manuscript should be made in accordance with the requirements. To it, a synopsis (a brief description of the work) should be developed. In addition, it is not superfluous to subject the material to a professional proof before sending it. It is better that this work be performed by an experienced proofreader working in the publishing business. The cost of proofreading will quickly increase the chances of a positive response from the publisher and pay off in the event of publication of a print run.

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