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How to become a teacher's favorite


How to become a teacher's favorite</a>

Whatever they say about the objectivity of teachers, there is always a certain degree of subjectivity in their assessment, based on sympathy for the student or prejudice about his knowledge.

So how do you ensure that you are treated with prejudice, but at the same time, positive?

How to become a teacher's favorite?

Before starting to implement your plan,It is necessary to distinguish between the concepts of "teacher" and "teacher", because teachers are most often called those who work in school, and teachers - those people who teach one or another discipline in higher education. The same with the "student" and "student".
Objectivity of teachers is often an order of magnitudeHigher than teachers. Why? Because teachers work in the environment of young children or children. Most often teachers are women who are soft and inclined to understand. The university-teaches a large number of men or professors with experience who try not to "bend" and be as fair and objective as possible.
These advantages should be used. First, try to arrange yourself: create an impression from the teacher that you are trying to understand the subject, that you are giving yourself and your strength, ask questions, create the illusion of interest. An uninhibited object may even start to like you more.
Secondly, remember that the numbers in the magazine forTeachers mean a lot: excellent students or drummers often make indulgences, although they see their particular indifference. This is a very important psychological moment. If a teacher places a triple to someone who has around five and four around him, he (the teacher) makes himself responsible for this "exclusion from the rules."
If the teacher places a three-year-old, he does not consider it necessary to explain his choice, because the rest will support him.

In secondary school (grades 5-8), I showedIndifference to study. In grades 9-11 I began to memorize all the materials and did not miss classes, but the teachers, nevertheless, did not spare the triplets and did not make allowances - their attitude was biased.

Other ways to arrange for a teacher.

If someone decided to ask such a question, he probably saw the real "favorites" of the teachers, he saw what those guys are from themselves.
Do not underestimate neatness and good manners: teachers love to be greeted with them, and they are more disposed towards students in uniform or, at least, in a neat shirt. The scientists have established it, yes.
Even when the teacher says that you are tryingLick your flattery, do not stop flattering and sucking. It always works. Teachers are most often people with low salaries who have the same problems as most: unwashed dishes, children-idlers or a drinking husband, a mortgage, etc. Therefore, they will be pleased to hear the banal "look good today." The main thing is to say it in a certain manner and at a certain moment.

There are teachers who can not be punished. They most often evaluate objectively, although they show sympathy for the students. But they also have a point of mental perception of you, you just need to find it.

The approach to each teacher and teacher shouldBe special, then the teacher will have a special approach to you. Do not forget that teachers do not like indifference: absenteeism of important events, non-attendance of classes, non-delivery of works on time.
The one who skipped during the year, on the final test work will not save his wit or good manners.
Well, the main thing that is worth remembering, you do not have to have anybody to yourself, if you teach the subject and spend it on him. Your knowledge will be located by everyone.

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