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How to become a teacher's pet

How to become a teacher's pet

Whatever may be said about the objectivity of teachers in their assessment is always a proportion of subjectivity based on sympathy or prejudice to the student regarding his knowledge.

So how do you ensure that you are treated and biased, but at the same time positively?

How to become a favorite teacher?

Before you begin the implementation of its plan,is to distinguish between the concept of "teacher" and "teacher" because teachers often referred to as those who work in the school and teachers - those who teach one or the other discipline in higher education. Same thing with "student" and "pupil".
Objectivity teachers often an order of magnitudehigher than the teachers. Why? Because teachers work in the environment of young people or children. Most often, teachers are women, who are soft and tend to understand. The Universities of teaching a large number of men or professors with experience, who are trying to "do not bend" and be as fair and objective.
These advantages should be used. First, try to win: Create a teacher the impression that you are trying to understand the subject that you give yourself and your strength, ask questions, create the illusion of interest. Neosilivaemy item can you even begin to like best.
Second, note that the figures in the magazine forteachers mean a lot: honors or shock-workers often make concessions, although they see their concrete indifference. This is a very important psychological moment. If the teacher puts the top three for those who have around one five and four, he (the teacher) itself makes the answer for this "exception to the rule."
If the teacher puts the three troechniku, he does not consider it necessary to explain his choice, because it is supported by most of the rest.

In high school (Grades 5-8) I showedindifference to the study. In grades 9-11, I began to learn all the material, and do not miss classes, but teachers, however, spared no triples and did favors - their attitude was biased.

Other ways to win over a teacher.

If someone decided to ask a similar question, then, I must have seen the real "favorites" teachers saw it, what are these guys.
Do not underestimate the tidiness and good manners: teachers like being greeted them, and they are more inclined to students in the form of, or at least, in neat shirt. It is the researchers found, yes.
Even when the teacher says, what are you tryingcurry favor with his flattery, do not stop flatter and fawn. It always works. Teachers often people with low salaries who have the same problems as the majority: unwashed dishes, children loafers or drinking husband, mortgages, etc. Therefore, they will be pleased to hear the banal "look good today." Important to say it in a particular manner and at a certain point.

There are teachers who can not break through. They often give an objective assessment, although showing sympathy for the students. But they have a point of mental perception of you, you just need to find her.

The approach to each teacher and teacher mustbe specific, then the teacher will have a special approach to you. Do not forget that the teachers do not like indifference: truancy important events, non-attendance, without surrender papers on time.
One who skipped during the year, at the final control work will not save his wit and good manners.
And most importantly, it is worth to remember, you do not have anyone to themselves have, if you will study the subject and to spend his strength. Your knowledge will house all for yourself.

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