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How to become a Sherlock Holmes

Legendary deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes based on intuition and logic

Sharp mind and a great observation - that the legendary quality that enable Sherlock Holmes solve the most difficult puzzles.

And while Sherlock Holmes often stressed the need to stick to the facts, his behavior also indicates that he relied on his intuition.

Logic and intuition go hand in hand in all its investigations.

You can not intuitively know everything in life. But in some situations, it is intuition plays a crucial role. When you try to draw a conclusion about the relationship with the person or make important decisions in life, you use intuition. To "calculate" the other person and understand how they live, and what are the motives of his actions, we can learn to more intuitive methods of the famous detective.

Trust your intuition

According to Sherlock Holmes, it's easier to know something thanexplain why you know it. For example, everyone knows that two and two make four. But if you are asked to prove it, you may find yourself in a difficult situation. At the same time, you know, that's a fact.
Many people experience intuition as somethingcrazy and unreliable. In the history of mankind many cases the use of intuition in the mystical order. To her resorted oracles, witches, sorcerers, prophets. The reputation of this fine quality greatly undermined charlatans. But this does not mean that intuition is an important and valuable part of the human mind - provided that it is accompanied by the analysis, the study of the facts and evidence.
The unconscious accumulated experience of many years. In moments of danger, or if necessary, make a quick decision you listen to the voice of intuition.

Intuition is different from the logic in what you do notWe need to prove anything, step by step. The solution or the answer comes instantly. But in the case of Sherlock Holmes is an instant solution to the problem was given due to the long experience and habit.

Learn to "read" people

I understand that a man feels he's lying ortelling the truth, it is possible by observing him. A lot of people can tell their body language. Just keep in mind that some people may be fine actors and liars. Do not rely only on the gestures and facial expressions, and use other methods of deduction.
Learn to distinguish a lie from the truth. This is a very important quality Sherlock Holmes.
Watch for people in their daily activities,sitting somewhere on a park bench or a table in a cafe. This way you will learn a lot about their habits, character, manners and interaction with other people.

Improve your observation

One of the most distinctive traits of Sherlock Holmes was that noticed things that are not visible to others. Moreover, he argued that all this is a very obvious and simple.
People often panic, hurry, just pass by. But Sherlock Holmes did not spare time trying to ignore the important and remarkable detail.

Even if you are able to keep cool and calm in the situation hurry, you're ahead of a lot of people.

If you do not possess this quality are innately, then it can turn out, but it will take time. Learn self-confidence, pay attention to what is around you, rely on common sense.
Hone main senses: vision, hearing, sense of smell. It is through them you get the most information. But man is so accustomed to these organs of perception, which often refers to them as something for granted. Do not rush to jump to conclusions about the information received. Let every organ of perception will become more sophisticated.
Develop insight, noting valuable details. Not every little detail is important. Notice only out of the ordinary and really important.
Train in the figures, where you finddifferences, confusion, mazes, hidden pictures with words or images. Do not rush and do not panic, but every time I try to do everything faster.
Arrange test their powers of observation. Ask yourself how many steps led to the house, where you have just visited, what plants stood on the windowsills, what color are the curtains and what to them was a pattern. Learn to ignore as much detail as you can.

Take time to relax

Sherlock Holmes was a good detective, but he alsoI loved to relax. Engage deduction and observation can only be within reasonable human limits. Um, observation and the ability to concentrate may be adversely affected, if time does not take a break and gather new strength. Plan time for parties and idleness.

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