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How to become a self-confident: tips and taboos

How to become a self-confident: tips and taboos

Most insecure people are trying to hide his fear behind a mask of indifference and imperturbable calm.

Here are some tips and prohibitions, following which, you will feel comfortable in any situation.



In our lives affect the most simple things. These things include smile. Even if you have a bad mood, try to smile, and the mood immediately rise. Smiling and smiling man looks happy, open and attractive to people and, of course, self-confident.


Fussiness - the first sign of discomfort. To improve self-confidence, calm down and find for themselves a comfortable relaxed posture. When you learn to express outward calm, then gradually become calmer inside.


Fear of direct eye contact outputsindecisive and insecure man himself. Therefore, to show their confidence, look at the interview the person does not try to hide the look in his eyes. This will give him to understand that he can hear and understand.


Many people, nervous, start to giggle, notIt has nothing to do with a healthy laugh. To avoid this, avoid embarrassing situations. Open a smile or a hearty laugh will say about you much more than inappropriate nervous laughter.


In order not to feel uncomfortable moresay. If you have nothing to say, then ask intelligent questions, which will be able to show your attentiveness and professionalism. This quality of self-confident person.


In any conversation, sooner or later there comes a timewhen you start asking questions. To improve the self-confidence necessary to become a full participant in the conversation. This implies friendliness and openness to his companions.

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