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How to become self-confident: tips and bans


How to become self-confident: tips and bans</a>

Often insecure people try to hide their fear behind a mask of indifference or unabashed calm.

Here are some tips and bans, following which you will feel comfortable in any situation.



Our life is influenced by the simplest things. These things are a smile. Even if you have a bad mood, try to smile, and the mood will immediately rise. A smiling and smiling person looks happy, open, attractive to people and, of course, self-confident.


Fussiness is the first sign of discomfort. To increase self-confidence, calm down and find for yourself a comfortable relaxed pose. When you learn to express external calmness, you will gradually become calmer inside.


Fear of direct eye contact gives outIndecisive and insecure person. Therefore, to show your confidence, look at the conversation in a person do not try to hide your eyes. This will make him understand that he is heard and understood.


Many people, nervous, start to giggle, which is notHas nothing to do with a healthy laugh. To avoid this, avoid embarrassing situations. An open smile or sincere laughter will say more about you than an inappropriate nervous laughter.


To not feel uncomfortable, moreSpeak. If there is nothing to say, then ask intelligent questions that can show your attentiveness and professionalism. And this is the quality of a confident person.


In any conversation sooner or later there comes a moment,When questions begin to ask you. To increase self-confidence, you need to become a full participant in the conversation. And this implies goodwill and openness for the interlocutors.

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