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How to become self-confident


How to become self-confident</a>

Self-confidence is not inherited and has nothing to do with genes.

This means that if you want, replacing your wrong beliefs with new ones, you can develop it in yourself.



If you want to become truly confident inYourself, start to take the first steps to achieve the goal today, without delay. The first thing you need is to impress. And not on other people, but on yourself, on your own subconscious.


Feel the awkwardness and fear of publicSpeeches? Prepare an interesting report and speak to the audience, even a small one. Shy to get acquainted with the opposite sex? Approach and talk with a stranger or stranger you like (find out which hour or bus you can reach the Museum of Arts or at least just say hello).


Be sure to praise yourself even for small victories over yourself, be proud of them: they will gradually lead you to your cherished goal - gaining self-confidence.


Try to minimize or notStop communication with those people who treat you with dislike, in whose society you feel uncomfortable. Break the ties that you dislike. But the communication with the benevolent and self-confident people, whose opinion you respect, on the contrary, will bring you considerable benefit. You can learn a lot from such people.


Do not focus on your shortcomings. More often remember those positive qualities that you have, and respect yourself for them. You will become a confident person only when you stop depending on someone else's opinion. People who radiate confidence do not need someone's recognition and approval.


Give your minds the right direction. Focus on the character traits that you want to possess, and not on those that interfere with you. Thus, you will help your subconscious to find more and more ways to get the desired results, namely, gaining self-confidence.

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