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How to become more confident in yourself

How to be Confident

Self-confidence is not inherited and has nothing to do with genes.

This means that if you wish to replace their wrong beliefs with new ones, you will be able to develop it in yourself.



If you want to really be sureimagine a man, the first steps begin to do to achieve this goal right now, without delay. The first thing you need - is to impress. And not on others, but on himself, on his own subconscious.


Feel the fear and embarrassment in publicspeeches? Prepare an interesting report and speaking in front of an audience, even if small. Feel free to get acquainted with the opposite sex? Come and start talking with you like a stranger or a stranger (find out what time or on what bus you can get to the Museum of Art, or at least just to say hello).


Be sure to congratulate yourself for even small victories over them, proud of them: they will gradually lead you to your cherished goal - gaining confidence.


Try to minimize or completelystop communication with people who are hostile to you, you feel uncomfortable in one's society. Tear links that you trouble. But communication with kind and self-confident people whose opinions you respect, on the contrary, will bring you many benefits. These people, you can learn a lot.


Do not focus on your shortcomings. Most remember about the positive qualities possessed, and respect yourself for them. You will be a confident person only when cease to depend on other people's opinions. People who exudes confidence, do not need anybody's recognition and approval.


Give your thoughts in the right direction. Focus on the character traits that you want to have, not on those who interfere with you. Thus, you will help your subconscious to find more and more ways to obtain the desired results - namely, gaining self-confidence.

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