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How to become a Santa Claus

How to become a Santa Claus

Nearing the holiday, which is waiting for both adults and children with special joy - New Year's Eve. And the main character in this general festival will, as always, Santa Claus.

How did they become to not only amuse the kids and adults, but also to earn good money during the New Year celebrations?

You will need

  • Bathrobe, Santa Claus coat, sash, hat, mittens, false beards, a staff bag (for gifts), New Year's holiday scenario, Christmas poems and jokes.



Go online to sites with vacancies in yourcity. Leave your resume that are looking for work Santa Claus and view ads from employers. Many of them have heard: "Wanted Santa Claus (on corporate, on the children's party, and so on)." Do not go past the site for people looking for work in creative ways.


Contact the agency organizing holidaysyour city. Often, before the New Year is formed an acute shortage of actors Santa Clauses in them, because they take a temporary job orders and provide an additional amount of people offering such services. Give your own ad in a newspaper that you render services of Santa Claus on the house of the customer.


Arrange for yourself outfit Santa Claus, asusually employers when hiring a person similar position, insisting that he was ready to uniforms. Buy a full set of clothes for Santa Claus can through online stores that sell clothes for the New Year holidays for children and adults. Suit Santa Claus can make on their own or in the studio. To borrow it from friends not promising, since such things are especially in demand during the holiday season, and you can always stay out of uniform in the midst of work.


Santa Claus needs a script (and not one)New Year's holiday. Learn a few scenarios for different occasions (for offices and companies employees, parents, children). Please reserve the knowledge of Christmas poems, toasts, jokes.


If for Santa Claus on Christmasholidays you podyschu his eternal companion of the Snow Maiden, perhaps another actor for the role of another fairy-tale hero, Baba Yaga, for example, chances are that you will have more orders will double. Especially in a group it is much easier to work with. Where you forget the words or do not know how to get out of this situation - will rescue the Snow Maiden.

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