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How to become a participant in the May cross Athletics

How to become a participant in the May cross Athletics

Summer sport season opens annual Maisky crosscourt Athletics Bitsa.

To be eligible for everyone, but the rules require to be healthy and in good physical shape.

You will need

  • - Assure the signature responsibility for their health-
  • - Be physically prepared for sorevnovaniyam-
  • - Abide by the rules of athletics competitions.



Annual Moscow May cross in Bitsa -championship sports club "Alfa Bitsa" - athletics personal cross at a distance of 10 km. The competition is carried out with a remote age handicap - to exit to the main distance participants must overcome an additional distance. Its length depends on the age of the athletes. For children, a separate race is held at a distance of 5 km.


To be eligible for everyone, because the goalthe competition - promoting cross as the most affordable mass sport. However, some limitations still exist. The participant must be in good health and physical shape. The responsibility for their health and physical preparation before the start of the competition certified personal signature. In addition, it is important to follow the rules of participation. Places on the course are determined by the order of arrival at the finish line in a preliminary competition separately for men and women.


Preliminary applications are accepted to participatethrough the web page of the club "Alfa Bitza". The application must specify the name, date of birth, city, and subject of the Federation, contact details - phone, email, as well as sports skills and the club, if any. Also, an application can be submitted on the day of the cross: prior to the event in the club. Race is funded through voluntary contributions and the entry fee participants. Entry fee for the provisional application is 200 rubles, on request on the day of the competition - 300 rubles. Children participate in a race free.

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