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How to become a mentalist

The term "mentalist" became popular after the releasethe same series, in which the protagonist to solve crimes, using his extraordinary abilities: observation, knowledge of psychology and the art of manipulation.

From superheroes Mentalist different is that almost all of these abilities a person can develop their own.



The popular TV show "The Mentalist" once againdrew attention to the hidden abilities of the human brain, which allow different way to perceive reality, to control the behavior of other people, to understand the motives of their actions. The protagonist of the series, Patrick Jane demonstrates so trivial way of thinking and perception that many people believe his clairvoyant. Meanwhile, we are not talking about some kind of paranormal manifestations, sufficient ability to observe and draw conclusions, as well as the understanding of the processes of human thought. Naturally, in order to become a mentalist, you must learn to develop and train these abilities.


In principle, as a first step it issuitable view of the series "The Mentalist", and the focus should be not plot intricacies, and the behavior and actions of the main character. So you can get an idea about the direction in which it needs to develop in order to achieve success.


There are several books devoted to the analysis ofseries from this point of view. They are easy to find and buy on the Internet. However, it is read the books that are related to the TV series, not necessarily, but in any case you will need to replenish its library publications on psychology, characteristics of human thinking and perception. It is useful to explore the literature on logic. You need to learn to truly understand other people, put yourself in their shoes, think the same associative series as they are.


Training of observation - is another importantstage. In fact, people report about themselves much more information than they think. Posture, gestures, facial expressions, respiratory rate, pupil size - all to find out about the person for more information. But do not try to notice everything: there are a number of features that need to pay attention in the first place. Study literature on non-verbal communication, to know exactly where to look.


Patrick Jane is not only smart and observant, but alsoable to control other people's actions. To do this, he uses a variety of techniques such as hypnotic effect, neuro-linguistic programming, manipulative technologies. If you want to reach a similar level in the ability to control others, you will have to study the relevant literature, and possibly enroll in NLP training. Try to find a foundation course that focuses primarily on the treatment and communication skills, and not, for example, to increase sales effectiveness.


Finally, do not forget to practice constantly,applying the acquired knowledge in real life. Of course, after the first few weeks of training, you are unlikely to succeed in all correspond to the protagonist of the series, but with enough perseverance you do pay attention to how to change your perception and understanding of other people.

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