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How to become a leader of a teenager?

To become a leader, a teenager must learn to make their own decisions, tactfully confront the ill-wishers, and to develop personal standards of behavior.

You should also pay due attention to physical preparation, because the leader is obliged to surpass their peers in all.

You will need

  • Organiser, gym



To become a leader in a company, classroom, orteam, learn to make their own decisions. Teens often try to appear older than it actually is, but are lost and ask for help to those who already know how to adequately assess what is happening and make reasonable conclusions in the event of unusual situations. Let's peers tips to help you make the right decisions, comment on their actions. Over time, they will increasingly seek the help of his "mentor."


Leadership implies the obligatory presenceenemies. Kept respond to threats and taunts of enemies, do not join them in meaningless discussions, do not give in to provocations. Learn how to tactfully resist peer pressure to prove their superiority.


Set personal standards of conduct, selectpeers of its advantages. For teens, it is important that their leader was autonomous, independent and goal-oriented. However, their views are very volatile, so, once occupied the position of leader, do not forget to maintain their status.


Be on the wave of positive, do not lose moraleeven in the most difficult situations. Remember that the easiest way is not always - the best. Peers should feel inexhaustible energy of their leader, otherwise they immediately find a replacement.


Learn to recognize their mistakes - it's quality,inherent Only the strongest personalities. Failures should encourage the leader to internal growth and the desire to fight. Each time, getting trapped, ask yourself the question: "What can I learn from this experience?"


Pay due attention to sports training,several times a week gym. The leader has to be stronger in all aspects, both spiritually and physically. It is known that in a healthy body - healthy mind!

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