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How to become a Jedi?

How to become a Jedi?

In the early 1970s, American director George Lucas introduced the world to his fantastic epic saga "Star Wars."

It includes 6 films, the storyline of which had an enormous influence on Western culture and spawned a separate universe of "Star Wars."

In the epic ideas arose a new movement - jediism.

Key characters for this were the Knights of the Jedi peacekeepers.

The ideology of the Jedi

Jedi - a Knight of Light. His goal - to develop their own energy field in order to guide his spiritual power with the help of supernatural powers.

The main difference from an ordinary person of the Jedi(Everyman) - the constant adherence to the path of spiritual and physical development. In this battle lightsaber and martial arts go by the wayside.

Jedi Code teaches the warrior to live in harmony with each otherand the outside world. The symbol of his faith - the defense of peace in the galaxy, so the true knight-peacekeeper must respect life in all its forms and strive for self-improvement. The most important thing for the Jedi - do not go to the dark side and join the ranks of the Sith, the brutality of which is motivated by selfishness and lust for power.

Path of the Jedi

Each soldier can go your own way and get the deserved rank of the Jedi Order.

Unstable emotions Jedi prefer to rest. Secret knowledge they are saved from ignorance. Instead of destruction and chaos they create harmony. Jedi seek to improve themselves, not sparing his life in service to others.

Uehling. This grade is usually given to children who are just beginning to learn to control his power and controlled lightsaber.
Padawan - student who becomes an apprentice of a personal mentor, a more experienced warrior rank of Knight or Master.
Knight - a disciplined Padawan who becamea full member of the Jedi Order. To do this he had to successfully pass the 5 trials (skill, courage, flesh, spirit and knowledge) and myself to make for yourself a lightsaber.
Master. This rank can be achieved by teaching Padawan, who was able to become a Knight.
Master (Grandmaster). The honorary position of Head of the Order of the Jedi Council takes most skilful elder. His elect the entire Board.

Jedi Code

This light knight must know by heart the fivetruths of the Jedi Code, claiming that there is no excitement, no ignorance, no passion, no chaos, no death, and there is only peace, knowledge, peace, harmony, and Power.
Now it is possible not only to draw the imagePeacemaker knight in his head, but also easy to make it a reality. To this end, it is important to think like a moral hero. And also temper his spirit and inner strength to direct the flow of energy. And finally - a parting phrase, which the Jedi wished each other good luck, "Yes Force be with you!".

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