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How to become a handsome guy in 15 years

How to become a handsome guy in 15 years

Beauty, as we know, is a relative concept.

For some attractive features alone for someone completely different. That is why it is important to not only take care of their appearance, but also improve your mind and body.

Then you have a chance to win a lot more girls' hearts.



Be neat. Pretty hard to please a girl, if you walk into a greasy and torn clothes. That's why much more important to monitor not for the fact that things conform to fashion trends, and their cleanliness. Try every day to put on a shirt or T-shirt laundered, not forgetting carefully ironed them before. Do not forget also about the status of underwear and socks, a change that is every day, and if necessary, twice a day. Socks in any case should not be broken, or the need to take off our shoes in a public place can negate all the efforts to win the girl.


Observe good personal hygiene. Every day, take a shower, not forgetting about the shampoo - there is nothing worse than oily hair and the smell of unwashed bodies. Be sure to use deodorant. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, but better - after each meal. And do not be afraid to visit the dentist, because the girl is much easier to win with white-toothed smile.


Exercise. Girls love guys agile and strong, and to achieve this the easiest way during exercise: a visit to the gym, playing basketball or soccer, tennis lessons, a variety of martial arts and others. In addition, in 15 years it is time to begin to engage in the development of muscle to look more attractive in the aftermath. This way you will always be able to fend for themselves in a dangerous situation, and even to protect her, and that the fair sex is valued much more than beauty.


Wear stylish clothes. Unfortunately, the attractiveness of Man is largely made up of 15 years, including to and from the things he has. That is why it is also worth paying attention to. It is not necessary to buy cutting-edge shoes or pants. Conventional jeans in combination with a selected color T-shirt, sneakers and leather bracelet can create an attractive image. Well, a stylish combination of classic white shirt with trousers and shoes still has not been canceled. The main thing is to find their own style, but without explicit outrageous.


Develop yourself. The attraction consists of a number of factors, including those from the ability to think quickly, to support any conversation or even tell a joke really worthwhile. That is why it is important not only to have knowledge of the school curriculum, but also to expand their horizons by reading exciting books, watching science programs or historical films. It is also useful from time to time to solve puzzles of logic and intelligence.

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