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How to become a good mathematician

How to become a good mathematician

To become a good mathematician, you must love and often to apply this knowledge in practice.

Many mathematicians like to apply analytical methods of judgment in everyday life, using their scientific knowledge.



If you do decide to become a goodmathematician, this science should you like. All mathematicians understand the beauty of this science, which is that having at hand a certain set of mathematical tools that can solve the huge number of various tasks, such as purely theoretical and practical. If you are a novice mathematician, you need to develop the ability to think abstractly. Will make it difficult, try, for example, imagine a geometrical and physical meanings of the various theorems.


Use mathematics in practice, look for it ineverything. Many of the daily tasks that are seemingly far removed from any scientific problems are easily solved with the help of mathematics. Such problems are very common, for example, when you make repairs in the apartment, doing in the garden area or trying to solve a workplace problem. Some mathematical formulas that have been studied in the school, are in practice unexpected application, for example, you can calculate the length of any material wrapped into a tight roll, using arithmetic sequences. At the same time for all sorts of similar problems, there are many ways to solve them.


Look for like-minded people who are fond of mathematics. Make friends with them and share your experiences. Communication with other mathematicians will give you a lot, you will find more and more new methods of solving various problems. In addition, you will be aware of how you are behind in math, compared with others, or vice versa exceeds them.


If you're in school, university or otherschool, be aware of all the events associated with mathematics. Take part in all the Mathematical Olympiads, discuss them with their peers. Try to be in a competition environment with their classmates, show them what you have achieved in this science. At the same time, always be ready to learn from them something new.


Look for evidence and their own ways of makingof certain theorems and problems. Many international competitions and Olympiads in mathematics abound in all kinds of tasks require participants to innovative ways of making. Study the job past the competition and making methods that have been proposed. Try to solve these problems on their own.

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