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How to become a good guy

How to become a good guy

It is believed that girls like "bad boys."

However, this stereotype has long been obsolete, and in recent years for a relationship women prefer to choose a good and reliable guys.



If you want to become a good guy forto please their parents, just start to do good deeds. Take learning, get yourself a useful hobby, for example, you can enroll in a section of volleyball or any other sport. Back home in time. Try to be sensitive and caring towards their parents. I am interested in how their day has passed, ask about how they feel and whether they need to do something to help. Spend more time home business. Treat mom and remove from the table the dishes after dinner. If you behave in this way, believe me, the parents will be delighted to tell all your friends about what a good guy they brought.


If you try to please not only the parents,but the girl, you may well be a good guy for her. To do this, you just need to take care of her, to show her the attention and respect. Give her flowers, invite on dates, walked me home. Girls come up for yourself a list of what to do a good guy, namely, it must be able to listen, to know when to shut up, to be able to speak correctly, to be able to find a new topic to talk about, when the old has already exhausted itself, be able to guess the desire of his beloved and perform their. In addition, they believe that a man should always take care of your soul mate, to be able to fend for themselves, articulate and properly explain exactly what he wants at any given moment from his girlfriend.


In addition to the simple rules of behavior, you mustfully support the image of a nice guy, completing the image of the correct clothing. Nice guys do not prefer sneakers and tracksuits and jeans, shirts, pants, sweaters, elegant and clean shoes. Try to always look neat and tidy, behave properly, and then all around will take you a good guy.

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