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How to become a good guy


How to become a good guy</a>

There is an opinion that girls like "bad boys".

However, this stereotype has long been out of date, and lately, girls prefer to choose good and reliable guys for relationships.



If you want to become a good guy,To please your parents, just start doing good deeds. Take up studies, find yourself a useful hobby, for example, you can enroll in a section on volleyball or any other sport. Go home on time. Try to be attentive and caring towards your parents. Be interested in how their day went, ask about how they feel and do not need to help them. Spend more time at home. Glad your mother and remove the dishes from the table after dinner. If you behave this way, believe me, parents will enthusiastically tell all their friends about what a good guy they brought up.


If you are trying to please not only parents,But also your girlfriend, you can quite become a good guy for her. To do this, you just need to take care of her, show her attention and respect. Give her flowers, invite her on dates, see her home. Girls have come up with a whole list of what a good guy should do, namely: he must be able to listen, be able to be quiet in time, be able to speak correctly, be able to find a new topic for conversation, when the old has already exhausted itself, be able to guess the wishes of his beloved and fulfill their. In addition, they believe that a man should always cherish his soul mate, be able to stand up for himself, express his thoughts clearly and correctly explain what exactly he wants at one time or another from his girlfriend.


In addition to simple rules of behavior, you mustFully support the image of a good guy, completing this image with the right clothes. Good guys prefer not sneakers and a sports suit, but jeans, shirts, trousers, sweaters, elegant and clean shoes. Try to always look neat and tidy, behave correctly, and then everyone around you will consider you a good guy.

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