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How to become a correspondent

That's about looks workplace correspondent

Feature reporter profession is to search for information in writing texts of different genres (article, news, interview, essay, sketch).

But this is only a small part of the work of the journalist.

Reporter must be sociable andmobile: you need to constantly keep in touch with people of different levels, different occupations. Since the head of the city administration and the district and finishing machine operator in remote rural areas. Each of them can be a hero article, tell news or share hearing. You must be able to enter the trust almost everyone, otherwise people will not reveal to the interviewer, and do not give the required information.

To be a journalist, you need to not only have a number ofcertain personal qualities, but also education. Even if you are an agronomist by training, but the man who thinks, thinking, creative, smart, able to become a reporter.

If you are a romantic, then you will like this interesting reporter's work. Trips, business meetings, creative life. And people, people, people ...

So, to become a correspondent, you need to:

  • Having a predisposition to the profession
  • Having a college degree
  • To be able to communicate with people

Where to begin?

  1. Write a short article on a relevant topic andshow it to the editor. If your city several editions, show your creation everywhere. If you have any other creative work (can write poetry or prose), attach them to your article.
  2. Do not forget to make a competent job, the door to which any version will open before you.
  3. Do not take local editors? Try working remotely. In a network often found vacancies remote journalists. For example, you live in a "hot spot" or on-site fulfillment of some important event. Do not hesitate to offer themselves!

Good luck on your creative way!

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