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How to become a bailiff


How to become a bailiff</a>

The work of the bailiff is both dangerous and difficult, but there are more than enough people wishing to take up this position.

In a number of regions, a contest for one vacancy is 20-30 people.

Who has the chance to become a bailiff, and what must be done to take advantage of this opportunity?



In accordance with the current legislation in order to qualify for the position of bailiff, you must be at least 20 years old, you must have a higher education and not have a criminal record.


Before you can get a jobBailiff, you need to pass an unpaid internship within 2 weeks. To do this, visit the head office of the FSSP in your city and write an application for an internship.
You should have the following documents with you:
- photocopy of the passport,
- A completed application form,
- employment history,
- documents on education,
- military ID,
- application for checking criminal record (including relatives),
- Application for participation in the competition.


After passing the internship, you can file documents and an application to fill the vacant position of a bailiff. To do this, you will need to collect the following documents:
- application for a job,
- Matte photos without a corner format 3.5 × 4.5 - 3 pcs.,
- a copy of the birth certificate,
- a photocopy of the child's birth certificate (if any),
- a photocopy of the certificate of marriage or divorce (if any),
- medical opinion on the suitability for civil service,
- references from the psycho-neurological and narcological dispensary,
- recommendations from the heads of the internship,
- Reference 2NDFL (if available),
- pension certificate,
- TIN,
- medical policy,
- information on the rewards (if any),
- job regulations.


Wait for the invitation to the competition. The contest is held in two stages. The first stage is testing, the main purpose of which is to test your intellectual abilities. The second stage is an individual interview. The interview is conducted by a competitive commission consisting of 12 people. You will be asked questions about your goals, about the motives for entering the civil service, will check your psychological stability, knowledge of the legislation, requirements for bailiffs.


If the contest is successful, you will be appointed to the position of bailiff or will be entered into the personnel reserve.

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