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Because of what is frequent hiccups

Because of what is frequent hiccups

Hiccups - involuntary breach of respiratory function, accompanied by the characteristic muffled sound, which is caused by jerky spasmodic contractions of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles.

Appears hiccups because one way or anotherirritated diaphragm. In the normal state is quiet work of this body. During inhalation, the body is lowered for the smooth passage of air. And when you exhale - rising air pushing out. In case of irritation of the diaphragm begins ryvkoobraznoe movement in the throat very quickly breaks a lot of air, which, falling on the ligaments, causing the characteristic sound.
Hiccups did not cause anyappreciable harm, but it is a cause of great irritation. There are various causes of this unpleasant phenomenon, some of which can accurately point to the fact that there are serious problems that need to immediately address the human health.

Hiccups eating

With this unpleasant respiratory failure ratheroften there are many people in the use of food. A quick snack or meal "dry rations", as a rule, lead to irritation of the diaphragm and the appearance of hiccups. Often there is a hiccup after dry food - bagel or bread, for example. Dry food should be sure to drink, to avoid any hiccups. Too abundant food also leads to respiratory failure. With a large amount of food eaten and the stomach swells certainly touches the diaphragm, irritating it. Therefore, the feeling of fullness in the stomach should stop eating, so you do not hiccup for quite a long time, irritating himself and others.

Other causes of respiratory disorders

The main causes of hiccups asThey are: the use of carbonated beverages, alcohol, stress, temperature changes. As a rule, unpleasant respiratory failure caused by these factors rather quickly. If it does not stop for more than two days, it is a sign of the presence of any serious disease that should be treated promptly. Prolonged hiccups may occur due to damage to the vagus or phrenic nerve and other diseases, for example, laryngitis. Not passing the hiccups for a long time can cause some drugs and disorder in the metabolism level.
If the central nervous system is damageddue to trauma, tumor or infection, the breathing reflex can also be broken. Such diseases as stroke, encephalitis, multiple sclerosis, and traumatic brain injury may be the causes of chronic hiccups.
Treatment of tumors by chemotherapy andoften accompanied by a violation of the respiratory function. Those who have had cancer and passed reusable course of "chemistry", hiccup, precisely because the body are some serious drugs simultaneously.

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