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BEAUTIFUL Hairstyles for Girls


Beautiful hairstyles for girls</a>

Hairstyles for girls are just as important as the well-groomed and neat appearance of a person or clothes.

These hairstyles do not have to be done every day, and so the young princess can spend on herself much less time.

This will allow you to distribute your free time to other interesting activities and games.

You will need

  • - hair clips,
  • - comb,
  • - brush,
  • - scissors,
  • - Ployka.



Hairstyle for girls with very short hair without parting. Moisten and arrange the strands with a thin comb. Wait until it cools naturally. Comb with a brush.


Hairstyle for girls with a straight parting. After dividing the hair into the parting, fix on each side 2-3 clips at different heights. Comb each curl separately.


Make the parting on the left. Strands on the left side are twisted upwards and fastened with two hairpins, on the right - downwards and fix with three hairpins.


Make a hairstyle for the girl on long hair,Trimmed exactly with scissors. Proporor make on the right and leave small - in one lock - a bang. On the left, three strands are twisted upwards and fastened on one level, to the right - down and also on the same level. Remove the hairpins when the hair is dry, after a couple of hours. Comb in such a way that the hair is lined monolithic.


Long hair can be combed from the forehead in the direction of the neck without parting. Lateral locks twist in vertical locks and fix. Tighten the twist into two vertical curls.


For long hair, twist one by one on both sides of the face. Cut a small strand near the parting and screw it vertically.


Strands framing the face, cut slightly shorter than the rest of the hair. "Tail" is wrapped with a leather strap, a bow or a thin pigtail from a part of the hair.

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