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Beautiful hairstyle for girls

Beautiful hairstyles for girls

Hairstyles for girls is as important as a well-kept and tidy appearance of the face or clothes.

These hairstyles do not have to do every day, and because the young princess can be spent on much less time.

This will distribute the free time on other exciting activities and games.

You will need

  • - Barrettes,
  • - comb,
  • - Brush,
  • - Scissors,
  • - Curling.



Hairstyle for girls with very short hair with no parting. Moisten and place strands of fine comb. Wait until dry up naturally. Comb brush.


Hairstyle for girls with straight hair parted. After separation, the hair parted on each side to secure the 2-3 pins at different heights. Comb each lock individually.


Make a parting on the left. The locks on the left side tighten up and fix two pins on the right - down and secure the three pins.


Make girl hairstyle on long hair,trimmed evenly with scissors. Parting make the right and leave the small - in single strand - bang. On the left are three strands tighten up and secure at the same level, to the right - down and also at the same level. Remove the pins when the hair is dry out after a couple of hours. Comb so that the hair is formed monolithically.


Long hair can be combed from the forehead towards the nape without parting. Side locks tighten up in vertical curls and secure. Tail twist two vertical curl.


On long hair twirl one provide designated on both sides of the face. A small lock at the parting cut and screw vertically.


Locks framing the face, cut slightly shorter than the rest of the hair. "Tail" wrap a leather strap, a bow or a thin plait of hair pieces.

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