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Beautiful and charming eyebrows eyelashes

Castor oil - a super tool for our hair, this oil is used to eliminate the itching of the scalp and hair care.

In the application it gives excellent result of hair growth and strengthens them and eliminates the loss.

Castor oil is an excellent remedy to forget about false eyelashes and eyebrows liquid.

How to apply castor oil for eyebrows and eyelashes:

Stage 1. Preparatory procedure. Take an old brush from the old carcasses, wash well to remove all remnants of the carcass.

Stage 2. Well wash the face, remove all makeup from the face. Then, apply castor oil on the eyebrow brush on the direction of the hair. Do the same with your eyelids, but do not apply to the eyelashes from the roots, enough to make it to the middle as the oil can flow, and greatly to be pinching his eyes.

Stage 3. After 15-20 minutes walk with a cotton swab on the eyelashes as if you paint the lashes. This needs to be done in order to remove excess oil, because the lashes are already absorbed in this time his right amount.

In principle, you can use instead of the old brush cotton swab, but it does not paint over the lashes completely, besides it absorbs a lot of oil.

If you find that the pharmacy vial of castor oil is not convenient, you can pour the oil into another container.

In order to experience the results of castor oil, it should be used every day for 1-2 weeks. It is advisable to apply oil before going to bed.

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