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Beautiful and rare names for girls

Beautiful and rare names for girls

Every nation has a beautiful and rare names that call girls.

But parents have their own criteria for the beauty of this or that name.

Psychologists are advised not to pick a name before the baby is born.

In recent years, many parents try to maketheir children special, picking up for them the rare names. But we must remember that tucked it is very unusual name for your child, you can not only increase the interest surrounding him, but also cause them confusion or even ridicule.

Rare names from cinema for girls

Women often give names to newborn daughterhonor of their favorite actresses from favorite movies. For example, today's moms anoint their children names like Theon, Marianne, Angelina, Bella. Any mom does so hoping that her daughter will be as successful as the heroine of your favorite pictures. But we must not forget that it can cause ridicule from the people around them.

Modern names of the girls decided to choose from Russian, Italian and French names.

The mystery of the name indicates that that Marianne -rather unbalanced girl who commits acts, starting only from their emotions. It is often in a bad mood, and she suffers because of this. And she is very influenced by other people.
Isabella - a Spanish name that means"Honor God." She has a bright temperament and sensuality. This girl is quite energetic and proud. And it differs persistence in achieving goals, and work ethic.

Rare names from times of old Russia

Often parents choose a name for her daughter aftergreat-grandmothers and grandmothers. For example, names such as Agatha, Martha, Lusha. In Russia, they are much rarer than the old names: Olesya, Darin, Gold, Barbara, Anastasia.

Recently, a true Russian names began to call the girls. Some see this as the return of people to their roots.

Agatha - the name of the ancient Greek and translates as"Good, good." It rewards its possessor such qualities as kindness, honesty, decency. Of course, from this girl will grow a good, educated woman.
The name "Martha" Aramaic origin and means"Mistress, mistress." She is very determined and quite stubborn. Do not prevaricate, and said all right, do not hesitate. As a child, she is very active and often a "ringleader". His emotions may be how to contain and give them freedom.
In recent years it has become very fashionable to give the girls the names of foreign origin. In this case the parents do not take into account the fact that foreign names do not really fit with the Russian names and surnames.
Before your child to name some rareand beautiful name, it is necessary to know its history and meaning. After all, sometimes even the most refined names do not have a very good origin story that may not be the best way to affect the lives and the fate of its owner.

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