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How to beat the room for the newborn

How to furnish the room for the newborn

Waiting for the baby brings for his parents and loved ones a lot of fun and pleasant hassle.

Many people are thinking and doing environment for a newborn room at the stage of pregnancy, others are waiting for the baby born.

The room for the child is necessary to issue such a way that it was safe for him and more comfortable for the mother to care for the baby.



Sleeping area. Baby crib for the first time will be the central and most important subject of the interior of the room. By the choice of the crib should be approached with skill. Choose a crib made of wood, with orthopedic base, covered with safe paints, varnish. Pay attention to the distance between the bars of the bed skirting, it must be large (5-6 cm.) To the newborn could not stick his head and stuck. Rim on the bed must be removable. When combined bed adults and a baby cot, a rim can be removed and the baby will be around you. Often young children are very bad sleep alone, so you need to be alert to the possibility to identify in a nursery bed for mom.


Changing dresser. Very useful and necessary piece of furniture combines the pedestal laundry and changing table. When the table is no longer needed, it can be removed and turn an ordinary chest of drawers. Please note that the chest was made with no sharp corners and other dangerous for the constructions of the child.


Nightlight. It will create a pleasant atmosphere and a sense of comfort in the nursery in the evening, when the child is to be put to bed. In addition, the baby may wake up at night to eat. The night will also help in this case, you do not have to wake up bright lights of the newborn. By using a lamp with feeding and dressing at night the child can form the ability to distinguish between day and night.


Radio babysitter. The irreplaceable assistant mother, if she is with a child in a large apartment or a large house. You can not keep going through the sleeping baby in the room, and the most to do household chores. When the baby wakes up, you will hear it through the parent unit.


The decoration in the room. Creating comfort in the room for the newborn can not be without her decorations. To this end, suitable toys for babies, baby picture with the image, the characters from the children's cartoon. You can order the newborn garland needlewomen nominal (ie, child's name), made of felt and decorated with different shapes, such as animals or transport. This garland can be a unique gift for the birth.

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