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The game "Mystery Island"

One of the interesting games built on finding objects - "Mystery Island". In addition, it is filled, and other tasks.

During the passage of some of the players may face insurmountable challenges for them.

In this case, they will need help to complete the game.



Level 1. In the pyramid of gold disc you put on it. Indian Feathers hang on the statue. Stone patterned place with other stones. Found boiler hang over the fireplace and with a lighter, spread underneath the fire. Go to the hut locations. Search tom-toms stick and put it to the other. Mask masks return to the wall. Musical instruments gather together. lance tip wear on the shaft. Conch put next to the other shells. After return to the location pyramid, throw the potion into the cauldron. Then you need to go through the puzzle, in which only click on edible objects. When complete it, go to the location communications unit. Here it is necessary to attach the screw to the plane, put a picture in a frame, put a microphone next to the other and put a cactus in a pot. At this point you will be part of the map that you need to gather into one. Then the phone to place the disc in the telephone.


Level 2: Go to the medical center. Find the green bottle and put it next to the blue. After the return grille into the vent and go the puzzle with the repetition of the sequence shown. Next, look for sneaker and put it next to the second. On the cabinet put on a glass bottle stopper. Found his hat hang on a hanger next to the other headdress. Then go to the house of the headman. There will need to place a cone above the door, which has the same hang. The symbol of yin-yang to apply the whistle that hangs on the wall. A plate of place with the other. Valve attach to the faucet. Brush place near the same. Turn the faucet valve with a wrench to go water. Go to the hunter's house. Locate the glass and put a bottle. Rosa put in a vase on the table. Stools put together. The bottle was put in a box with other and get the glue, which is necessary to glue the horns on the wall. Found next to the horn put glued horns.


Level 3: Visit a location with statues. Collect all of the statues there in one piece, and then open caches. Found the head attach to the statue. Tambourine, mask, fan and place the pineapple next to the same subjects. Go to the jungle at the watering. Look for the page and place it on a typewriter. Orange, ball and glove to put with other similar things. After that, the pointer must be put on a stone slab. You will see a puzzle for the passage of which is necessary to press the button, coinciding with the location of pointers. Next go to the waterfall. Look for the cover and the cup and connect them with the same subjects. Place the head to the statue. On the stone slab lay. Break the mirror with a hammer. Now enter the cave. Drive place in the hole. Coconut, the book and put the jug with the same subjects. Bowl toss into the trunk. Hang a crystal ceiling. Click on the glowing circle that denotes the entrance to the cave. You will see a puzzle where you have to connect the image of the outer and inner circle.


Level 4. In stock cheese, a jar, put the melon next to the same subjects. Attach the wire to the adapter and press the switch. Mushrooms add together and get the cheese, which is necessary to give the mouse. Complete the puzzle, finding a way out of the maze. Go to the boat shop where the canister fold with others, and a circular saw blade fold together. Use an adjustable wrench to another. Go to the dock where the found the onion, watermelon and fold the rope with the same subjects. Hang the bell in place and call him to scare the butterfly. Then we go to the boat shop. Use a screwdriver to detach the cover. Gears put in place and solve the puzzle. Press the switch, lift the valve. Go back to the dock and hang it on the door hinge door.

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