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How to pass the game "Indie Cat". Levels 101-105


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Almost every player can pass the game "Indie Cat" to level 100 without any problems. But with the onset of level 101, problems begin.

Spending life for life, the player can not just get what's cherished 3 stars, but even move to a new level.



The task of level 101 is to ensure that the playerScored 130000 points and at the same time spent no more than 60 moves. In order to get 3 stars at this level, you will need to apply one of the bonuses. It will be enough to use the "foot". Their actions must begin with getting rid of cells with a lock. Only removing them from the field, it will be possible to collect bonus crystals. Collect combinations of several bonus stones and remove sand boxes from the bottom of the playing field with their help. It will be best if you collect a combination of 2 bombs. But it is enough and several times to assemble a combination of a bomb + crystal with a horizontal or vertical explosion.


102 level of the game "Indy Cat" is that,So that in 55 moves all the cells on the playing field were broken. At the same time, you need to score 150,000 points. To pass this level in the game "Indie Cat", you do not need to apply any additional bonuses. Cells are broken almost by themselves. The player just need to watch the stones on the playing field. And in time to collect combinations. In order to pass 102 level in the game "Indy Cote" for 3 stars, it is necessary not only to collect bonus combinations and blow them up, but also to collect combinations of bonus stones. The quickest way to blow up all the cells is to assemble a combination of a bomb and a bomb.


In the 103 level of the game "Indie Cat" at the very beginning the playerWill see the field, where behind the closed stone cells are infectious. While they are blocked, they do not pose a danger. But still need to get rid of them in the first place. If this is not done on time, then they can infect almost the entire playing field and then the level in the game will fail. Once the sand cells disappear, the removal of all 55 glass cells will not be particularly difficult.


In the 104 level of the game "Indy Cat" will need to be omitted9 runes and score 130,000 points. This level for the time and the player is given 200 seconds. First of all, you need to remember that the runes in the central column are stuck. So you need to monitor it and at the first opportunity to move the runes from it. Also you need to try to blow up the stone cells as soon as possible.


In order to pass level 105 in the game "IndieCat ", you need to score 240,000 bonus points and destroy all the glass cells. At this level there are sandboxes and blocked ones, but pass it with one pleasure. You do not need to buy additional bonuses. The level is easily accessible by 3 stars.

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