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BEADS Shells made of polymer clay

Beads Shells

Good for beads in the form of shells made of clay will always remind of the sea and romance.

Plastic clay allows you to create unique and stylish things.

You will need

  • - Polymer clay (plastic) -
  • - skalka-
  • - Glass board (for rolling seams) -
  • - Glass jars (200-250 ml) -
  • - Stationery bulavki-
  • - Supplies for assembling beads (chain lock, rings of 5 mm)
  • - Adhesive (varnish) -
  • - blade-
  • - igolka-



Mash well in the hands of a piece of green clay, roll it with a rolling pin to a thickness of the reservoir - 0.6-1 mm. The strip is better to make a longer, so you can cut more blanks for the beads.
Cut out a rectangle formation (width - 35 mm) above and cause cuts in the form of chrysanthemums in a random order, with a rolling pin to roll on their green seam.
Cut strips of the width of the rectangle - 4 mm.
Make stripes on each needle through-holes on both sides, stepping back at 2.5-3 mm from the edge.


Lifting the blade through the board, to move the strip at a jar (250 ml) and bake them in a gas oven at 140 ° C degrees for 19 minutes.
The banks put the oven, without waiting for its heating. Ready stripes need to bend, but not break, and if broken - hence need dopech.
After baking blanks allow to cool on the banks and in 15-20 minutes you can take them lightly hooking blade.


Finished blanks divided into stripes and collect them from the beads.
On one bead slips must be 11 and 2 pin (2 stationery pins).
Nasazhivaya one after the other all the strips, leaving a free end of the pin is 5 mm.


Thus, collect the second pin with beadHowever, since the last inner stripes, that is the last in the second pin will put the first strap that fits over the first pin. At the same stripes have to go as it were lapped.
The tip of the second pin hidden inside the beads gently screwing it fully in the bead to the loops.


On the basis of the finished beads to drip a drop of glue to the stripes did not move, and the pin pulled out accidentally, or you can cover the entire bead varnish.
Connect using beads rings, attach a padlock.

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