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Beach bag-transformer

Beach bag-transformer

Beach bag-transformer is indispensable for summer vacations.

It freely accommodate bathing suit and sandwiches, while at the beach this bag will turn into a lounger.

You will need

  • - 2 segment (length - 1 m 60 cm width - 55 cm):
  • - Bright cotton cloth-
  • - A waterproof material such as varnish (to the outside of the bag) -
  • - A band (length - 1 m 30 cm, width - 3 cm) -
  • - 4 pieces of foam (50 × 39 cm) -



Sew the front of the bag the required number of patch pockets, the upper sections to handle braid.
Make belt loops: 6 of the braid cut 5 cm long segments and sew two pieces of the front of the bags: top, bottom, middle at a distance of 25 cm from each other.
Fold the two kinds of face tissue inside and stitch them on three sides: one short and two long, leaving open the fourth side, which will be put pieces of foam.
Lay all 4 pieces of foam rubber, scribbling an open cut, tucked allowances inside. Get lines between each piece of foam rubber.


Make handles for bags of the remaining tape. Prodernut them on the front side of the bag to belt loops and brought under the bottom to handle out on the back side. Adjust the length of the tape and fix its ends. Movable handle, depending on the filling the bag, allow it to adjust the volume.


You can make a similar bag with side zips. To do this, the extreme bend section with foam inside, and sew to the middle two short handles and zipper length equal to the width of the foam (39-40 cm).
Other interesting ideas beach bags can be seen in the video.

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