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How to be when mom and husband hate each other


Between husband and mother</a>

The conflict between mother-in-law and son-in-law is quite common.

Most young couples have this problem.

The hardest part is a woman who finds herself between two fires: between her own mother and her beloved husband.

Modern mother-in-law and mother-in-law believe that theirGrown-up children are still unreasonable in life issues, and they need parental help. Here are the caring mothers and help their daughters understand the family life, which entails a lot of problems.
The mother-in-law for the son-in-law is a stranger. A man has his own mother, and the attempts of a stranger to get into his personal life provoke irritation. Her husband sends her mood to her husband, who is forced to seek compromises in this situation.

How to reconcile mother and husband

In order to once and for all to stop mutualThe claims of my mother and husband, you need to sit them at the negotiating table. A woman should also be present during this conversation. Specialists on family relations recommend inviting someone to talk to an outsider, to clarify the relationship has not gone beyond the reasonable. In addition, an uninterested person can express his opinion on the situation that will help mom and husband look at their conflicts with other eyes.
Each side of the conflict (mother, daughter and husband)Should express all that they do not like. If there is a desire to establish relations, the claims expressed aloud will significantly improve the situation. With a good scenario, the husband and mother will find a compromise that will suit everyone.
A woman caught between two fires shouldTo abandon his position by any means to reconcile close people. In the end, mom and husband are not small children, but adults and conscious people who themselves must understand the absurdity of their insults and reproaches.

What to do if the hatred of mom and husband is stronger than common sense

When there can be no question of an armistice,It is necessary to act cardinally. The family must change their place of residence in order to be away from their mother. Love in the distance only grows stronger, and all grievances are quickly forgotten, mother and husband can even make friends if they live away from each other and see each other only on holidays.
However, I do not need to forget my mother, of course. The daughter must give mother attention in all ways. Let there be short telephone conversations, but every day. You can teach your mother computer literacy and communicate with her on the Internet. The mother is the most native person for the daughter, but this does not mean that she is entitled to break down the family life of her child. The daughter should gently, but demandingly indicate the areas of his life in which the participation of the mother is allowed. Bring it to the mother will be difficult. But only so it is possible to maintain good relations between close people.

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