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How to be brave

Do not let fear control you

Fear - the feeling useful.

He warns of possible danger man.

But you can not let fear control your actions.

Learn to win it and be brave when necessary.



Remember that the work on a very largethe role played by the presence of motivation. Identify situations in which you will need courage, how important it is for you to be a brave man. Be aware of all the benefits that will bring you own courage.


Draw in the imagination of the situation, of which you andshine out the winner, thanks to his own courage. Imagine how you would at the same time were that you would feel. You may be able to catch that special courage, which have brave people.


Engage in physical activity. Work on your body will help you develop the courage. It is not that you will develop strength, learn how to fight, and then feel like a brave man. Just the daily work of its shape gives you the ability to feel at ease, it strengthens the will and generally adds spirit to win on their own shortcomings.


Take the example of the brave characters of books and movies. Watch heroes with a strong character and a brave heart, try to catch their breath. Meet with your favorite characters every day. It will fill you with positive, desired energy.


Spend time with the brave people. With those friends that are different indecision or cowardice, you better limit the communication. The fact that a person is largely influenced by the fact in which it communicates circle. And many personal qualities of an individual takes from his friends.


Defeat own fears. If you have any phobias, deal with them once and for all. The best way to overcome fear - as close as possible to it. For example, if you are afraid of heights, jump with a parachute. Sometimes a person with good intentions, can not make such a significant act immediately. Then proceed in stages. Gradually increase the height, and time spent on it.


Treat your life easier. Maybe you do not have the courage, because you are afraid of making a mistake. Imagine the most unfavorable outcome. You will see that no mortal danger for you there, and find in themselves enough courage to act.


Add confidence. Lack of courage can be associated with your self-esteem. Believe in yourself, think about all their victories and learn to believe in yourself. Rest assured that you will succeed.

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