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How to be beautiful, if you are a teenager

How to be beautiful, if you are a teenager

In very young girls a lot of advantages - the freshness and elasticity of the skin, the brightness of the face paint, eye shine.

However, in adolescents there are disadvantages that are worth to hide.

Camouflage traces of acne, remove excess skin will shine with properly chosen cosmetics.

Beautiful image of a stylish haircut complete and properly selected outfit.



Adolescence - the perfect time forexperiments with makeup. You can try different shades and textures, choosing the most suitable. However, too dense and heavy make-up should be avoided. Give up the tonal creams in favor of correctors and matting powder. With their help, you can mask the pimples and oily skin to eliminate shine.


In order not to attract attention to the braces,Avoid bright lipstick. Use a light fruity shine, they soften the lips, giving them a lighter shade. Instead of dark crumbly try blush pink, coral or red gel, it is easy to spread on the skin, creating the effect of natural blush.


Pay attention to your eyes. Try bright trendy eyeliner and shadow, as well as spectacular color ink. You do not have to pick up money in eye color - you can focus on the shade of the dress.


Make a simple multi-function cut - onIt is based on easy to invent new hairstyles. Try different styling tools - sprays, waxes, gels and mousses. If you do not like the hair color, use a tinted conditioner - time to persistent dye has not yet come. Avoid complex pilings and zavivok, they look too pretentious. But you will go to a variety of hairstyles through the braid, complemented with stylish jewelry and hair ribbons.


Pick the right clothes. For teenagers especially relevant items of sports style - jeans, various knitwear, jackets simple. This basic set can be extended tops, blouses and skirts in romantic or avant-garde style. Do not forget about shoes and accessories. Your selection - ballet shoes, comfortable shoes and sneakers, they are much more fashionable and comfortable high heels and platforms. Instead, pick up ladies clutches comfortable backpacks and bulky bags with prints.


Do not be afraid of bright colors - a teenager should choose unusual combinations. Discard the darkest shades, as well as the abundance of sequins, they only accentuate your very young age.

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