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Being an excellent simple: zeal, memory and a few tricks in service

If you are in high school and want to become an excellent student, then you have to accept the fact that for this you have to work long and hard. Without this in any way.

But we will help you ease the bumpy ride to the gold medal by our advice and recommendations.

It is easy to stick to these tips, but they may have to help out in the future.



Rules at school have to memorize all the time. But if in the elementary school they are not so much, as the formation of the student rules are more and more, and they in turn are becoming increasingly difficult.


If you need to learn any rule,read it aloud a couple of times and think about the meaning. Rewrite then read the text on the leaflet for storage and check the textbook errors. Take the tutorial. Again, write down the rule by speaking to himself. So you will be able to remember it quickly.


While that information permanently in your headnot yet deposited. Wait a couple of hours. Watch TV or take a walk. You can follow the rest of the lessons. And then sit down and write a rule again. If you remember in the morning generally without error, that means that it is firmly engraved in your memory. The same method can be used to store the physical, chemical formulas and other useful information. It is a great way to train your memory, far more effective than cramming banal.


Poems, which now and then are forced to teachat literature lessons, remember easier than the rules and formulas. That algorithm memorizing poems: read the poem several times, try to tell us, peeping, if necessary. Then relax, and after a while again take a book in hand. Read the verse again and try to retell it again. Peeping allowed. Just read the verse you will have so many times how many times you are spying. Achieve reduction of spying to a minimum. Again, a couple of hours rest and then try to tell the poem again.


In order to successfully memorize English or Germanwords (or even French), play two games: Let's say you need to learn 20 words on a given topic. On a piece of paper write foreign and Russian words in two columns. Fold the sheet along the parting line. Then sign the first foreign translation of Russian words, and then vice versa-Cut small strips of paper. On each of them write foreign words and Russian analogs. Mix paper, then pull out from a pile of them. Pick up this word from the pile right translation.


One last fact. Your brains live for some special laws. The fact is that scientists have proved that the brain in the morning nicer exact science, and in the second half of the day? Humanities. That is, for the mathematics textbooks of physics and chemistry you had better sit down in the morning with a clear head. History, geography and literature better to study in the afternoon. By this time the brain has permanently tuned to take spiritual food. Now you are able to remember a lot of things. It remains only to be patient, and you will become excellent student.

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