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How to be a leader in the team

Almost everyone dreams of becoming a lieutenant general.

None of these people who at least once did not represent itself as the leader of the company, leader of the movement, if not the leader of the nation.

But few know that for the ability to be the top in the group are covered a lot of work and energy costs.



Be responsible for the general affairs of the group. Leadership - it's not just veneration, regalia and moments of glory. This is a high responsibility for the welfare of the group. Think of all the disassembly and fights. This especially goes? Of course, the leader. It is thought that if the leader of disarm, the group can be broken down and destroyed. It is for this reason that the aspirant is important to lead a person to develop a responsibility.


Take the initiative. Take up new business projects. Be entrepreneurial in finding new methods for solving the usual problems. Feel dipped in group conflicts and participate in their resolution. The initiative on all important matters for the group will help you to become leader. It will allow you to rally around itself a group in order to achieve important goals.


Be active. You can not, for example, to organize the work day and sit on the sidelines. Leaders of the heaviest drag logs, perform work on an equal basis with everyone else. And besides, have time to see to it that the work remaining. Organize and optimize the work of the group. The ability to do several things at once - an important skill for a leader.


Know how to implement the goals shared by the group,a leader must feel their sixth sense. They were the first of their formulated form the backbone of the activist for initial action. It is important not only to find thin spots and know the needs of the group, should be able to achieve significant goals for her.

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