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Batiushkov as a poet of modern times


Each epoch puts forward its bright personalitiesCulture and art. Among them, critics include Konstantin Nikolaevich Batyushkov, one of the most outstanding poets of the early 19th century. His subtle lyrics were distinguished by beauty, strength, elegance of images and richness of colors. Being the predecessor of A.S. Pushkin, Batiushkov became one of the leading poets of the new literary epoch.

Batiushkov as a poet of modern times



K.N. Batiushkov takes an honorable place in Russian literature. He is considered not only a predecessor, but also a teacher of Pushkin, whose name is associated with the heyday of Russian literature. Batiushkov's poetry was distinguished by a special plasticity, the peculiarity of the poetic style and rare musicality. The poet created his numerous works at the turn of two historical eras. Features of that difficult time left a mark on his lyrics.


Batyushkov's contribution to the history of our countryIt is difficult to overestimate the literature. Critics believe his main merit was the processing of the early 19th century poetic speech. In the lyrical works of this poet the poetic language acquired harmony and inexpressible flexibility. Masterfully possessing a poetic word, Batiushkov successfully succeeded in purity of language and wealth of artistic style.


A well-known literary critic V.Belinsky often turned to Batyushkov's work. He pointed out that it was the works of this poet that prepared the literary breakthrough in Russian poetry, which Pushkin later did. The great Russian poet learned from his eminent predecessor to finish his poems in such a way that they were impeccable in form and inner content.


Perfection in poetry was not given easily. Batiushkov worked with persistence on every line of his works, painfully searching for suitable images and comparisons. His records are preserved, where he reproaches himself for his excessive passion for corrections and improvements. Of course, such meticulousness today will not be considered a vice. It was the desire to work out every small detail of the verse form that allowed Batiushkov to achieve perfection in the sound of poetic speech.


Batyushkov also differed in his desire to avoidEverything that seems unnatural and far-fetched. Sincerity of the poet considered one of the signs of a good work. He tried, in his own words, to compose not by reason, but by the soul. Contemporaries of the poet noted a special power of feeling, which was found in his poems. This force was more weighty than the correctly selected and to the place inserted rhyme.


Talking about the creativity of KN. Batiushkov, Belinsky asserted that he himself stood at the turn of two epochs, becoming a true poet of modern times. The critic admitted that Batiushkov used deserved attention in Russia. Belinsky put this poet on a par with Zhukovsky, whose talent and identity did not cause doubt among any of the connoisseurs of poetry.

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