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Bathroom. Where to start repair

Bathroom lighting, design

Repair any apartment is recommended to start with the bathroom.

Why with her, because most time-consuming repair in these rooms.

And the cost is problematic for a long time without a toilet and a bathroom.

To repair it passed quickly and without delay, make a plan, think for what and where should stand, and draw it all on paper for clarity.

Next, we determine the materials. Do not forget that the bathroom and toilet - a place with high humidity, and therefore the materials must be water-resistant. Count the required number and we buy.

Getting repairs. We remove from the walls and floor old stuff. Tile convenient to shoot down with the help of punch. Then we clean all surfaces, if necessary, leveled. Now, plumbing, if all the equipment is in good condition, leave. If the same kind of a washstand and toilet shabby, it is best to replace all.

The next stage of repair - replacement of electricians. At this stage you need to consider everything. Where to hang the lamp, where there should be a socket for a washing machine and so on. If you have something you do not take into account your repair at this stage, then after laying tile laying the wires engaged to be uncomfortable. So think through everything slowly and thoroughly, consider every detail. At this stage we change the door unit. Cloth new door can be installed at the end of the repair, so as not to spoil it.

Now it was the turn of ceilings. The ceiling in the bathroom can be painted or pokleit simple ceiling tile, or you can make a ceiling with several levels, mirror inserts and built-in lighting. Plenty of room for imagination there.

It is time for finishing tiles. Ceramic tile is available in different sizes, different structures and all kinds of design. For the bathrooms would like to recommend a tile with a matte surface on it does not smudge, making it easier to care for her. Work on laying the tile is better to trust the professionals. So you can save energy and nerves.

Getting plumbing. Install the bath should be strictly horizontal. To use this adjustment bolts, which are provided in modern baths. Do not forget to fluff sealants all seams to prevent leakage. Put the toilet into place, connect the washing machine.

The final stage. Install sockets and switches. Set the door leaf. We hang a mirror, hooks for towels, lockers for detergents.

Bathroom renovated. If you do it right, then this room will please you more than one decade.

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