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Bathroom. How to start repairing


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Repair in any apartment is recommended to begin with the bathroom.

Why with it, because the repair in these rooms is the most time consuming.

Yes, and without toilet and bathroom for a long time is problematic.

To repair quickly and without delay, make a plan, figure out what and where should be, and draw it all on paper for clarity.

Then we determine the materials. Do not forget that the bath and toilet are places with high humidity, which means that the materials must be moisture resistant. We calculate the quantity we need and buy it.

We begin repair work. We remove the old material from the walls and floor. Tile is conveniently knocked down with a perforator. Further, all surfaces are cleaned, if necessary, aligned. Now the plumbing, if all equipment is in good condition, we leave. If the look of the washstand or toilet is shabby, then it is better to replace everything.

The next stage in the repair is the replacement of the electrician. At this stage, you need to consider everything. Where will the lamp hang, where should there be a socket for a washing machine and so on. If you do not take into account at this stage of repair, then after laying the tile you will be inconvenient to lay the wires. So think about everything, slowly and thoroughly, consider every detail. At the same stage, we change the door block. The canvas of the new door can be installed at the end of the repair, so as not to spoil it.

Now came the turn of the ceilings. The ceiling in the bathroom can be simply painted or glazed with a ceiling tile or you can make a ceiling with several levels, mirror inserts and built-in lights. There is room for fantasy.

It's time for the finishing tiles. Ceramic tiles are available in various sizes, different structures and all kinds of designs. For bathrooms, I would like to recommend a tile with a matte surface, it does not show a divorce, which simplifies the care for it. The job of laying the tiles is best entrusted to the professional. So you will save strength and nerves.

Let's start the plumbing. Install the bath must be strictly horizontal. To do this, use the adjusting bolts, which are provided in modern baths. Do not forget to seal sealants all the seams to avoid leaks. We put the toilet in its place, we connect the washing machine.

The final stage. We install sockets and switches. We install the door leaf. We hang a mirror, hooks for towels, cabinets for detergents.

The bathroom is renovated. If you do everything right, this room will please you for more than a decade.

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