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Bathroom interior in black

Interior bathroom in black

Only brave people dare to issue a bathroom in black.

Our compatriots prefer pastels andlight colors, many are afraid of bright accessories, black color is generally frightening, because in the bathroom often because there is no window, it is illuminated artificially, and then everything will be black ...

Black tiles

Not everything must be taken literally, because the blackIt may be different. For example, the black tiles are manufactured in a glossy form or with shades of gold, a bathroom with a tile becomes exquisite. Generally, if the spread of black wall tiles, it is necessary to use a lot of silver and gold.


The black bath should be a lot of artificialSveta. Use plenty of mirrors, which are located next to the light sources. You can set the glossy suspended ceilings, which perfectly reflect the light.


To make the contrast in the black stripes or bathareas of another color. Black-and-white combination will add the graphic quality. And the orange or red color to add warmth. But yellow is better not to use at all - bathroom get aggressive.

sanitary engineering

Now many companies produce washbasins and bathsof different colors, including black. It is worth noting that this is not only the polar category type acrylic cheap or exclusive shell, but also ordinary cast iron, which are so accustomed to our compatriots.

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