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Bathroom interior in gold color

Interior bathroom in gold color

Many feel that the golden bathroom - it's pretentious and pompous.

In fact, the bathroom can be designed in a gold color, in this case it will look elegant and refined, no one does not even arise the feeling of excessive brightness.

wall design

Golden tiles - this is an extreme variantregistration. It may be all gold or just with applied gold leaf. Nice work, if the tile is manufactured with a rough texture, the gilding is aged.

Although often not all of gold decorate the walls. Suffice tiled frieze of gold color. You can arrange the bathroom tiles of several colors. Tiles which are used in the smallest amount is gold.

Effectively will look the room where only oneWall tiled. Horizontal or vertical lines of tiles that share a bathroom in the zone - a common technique of professional designers. Gold line can "outline" the mirror over the sink. Or, use a dot pattern of the tiles - made of tile or a flower ornament above the bath. Only the pattern should overlap with other accessories - a mixer or a heated towel rail, you can hang the curtain with gold.

Plumbing for the gold bath

You can buy gold-colored bathroom fixtures,Only this often quite expensive model exclusive. They are usually made to order. But in the free market, you can find beautiful white bath, trimmed with gold handles, accessories, piping around the edges.

Bath Accessories

The accessories can often use gold. Gold can be: the frame for a mirror, faucet, towel, textiles, pens. Golden color should not be neglected, it is able to bring into the room of the sunlight energy boost for the day.

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