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Bathroom INTERIOR in gold color


Bathroom interior in gold color</a>

Many will consider that the golden bathroom is pretentious and pompous.

In fact, the bathroom can be decorated in gold, at the same time it will look elegant and exquisite, no one will even have a feeling of excessive shine.

Wall decoration

Golden tile - this is the extreme versionClearance. It can be all gold or just gilded. Beautifully it turns out, if the tile will be made with an uneven texture, the gilding will be aged.

Although most of the walls are not decorated with gold. A tiled curb is golden enough. You can decorate the bathroom with a tile of several colors. Tiles, which are used in the smallest quantity, will be gold.

Effectively there will be a room where only oneThe wall is decorated with tiles. Horizontal or vertical stripes of tile, dividing the bathroom into a zone - this is a common reception of professional designers. The golden line can be "outline" the mirror over the sink. Or use a dot pattern from the tiles - perform a tile ornament or flower over the bathtub itself. Only the pattern should correspond with other accessories - a mixer or towel warmer, you can hang a curtain with elements of gold.

Plumbing for a golden bath

You can buy plumbing fixtures in gold,Only more often this is quite expensive models, exclusive. They are usually made to order. But on a free sale you can find a beautiful white bathtub, trimmed with gold handles, accessories, edging along the edges.

Bath accessories

In accessories, gold can often be used. Gold can be: a frame for a mirror, a faucet, a towel warmer, textiles, pens. Gold should not be neglected, he is able to bring a part of the sunlight into the room, charging with cheerfulness for the whole day.

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