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Bathroom in country style

Country style in the bathroom

In the bathroom, we spend a large part of our time, it is important that it was a pleasure to be in.

But the bathroom is also important usability.

Country style perfectly meets these two requirements.

Bathroom design in country style as close to natural. It is simple and original, characterized by bright, warm colors, natural materials for him.

In the bathroom, country-style would be appropriatemoistureproof wood floors. They will be perfectly combined with wooden furniture. On the wall you can put a ceramic tile warm, natural shades, but not bright and shiny. It will look good Aged or glazed tiles with artificial cracks and chipped.

Cabinets and cabinet under the sink is appropriate to buywood, they can give the effect of aged should also pay attention to the mirror. It is better to buy a round or oval mirror, and decorate it or a simple carved wooden frame. Plumbing needed bronze-colored or antique gold with smooth flowing forms, without sharp corners.

As decorative elements can be usedwicker baskets for storage of clean towels. You can also put a big laundry basket for dirty laundry. On the walls hang small paintings within a rural landscape. This will give the bathroom a cozy feel.

On the floor lay a small rug with a textilefloral or checkered pattern. If your bathroom has a window, hang curtains with a similar pattern. It will be good to watch and a small bouquet of flowers in a porcelain bowl.

The light should be bright, better make it muted. Lighting is better to buy stylized antique, matching the color of the fixtures.

Bathroom in country style in its design is very similar to the rural house. In such a bath will be urban dwellers closer to nature, to feel calm, warmth and comfort.

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