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How Bathing budgies

In your house there was a budgie. And now it is necessary to periodically bathe, to follow the pen cover pet.

Simple tips can help you easily teach parrots to bathing.



Budgies by nature verycleanly. To do this, you can buy at the pet store kupalku. Since most parrots love to bathe in the cell, it can be hung on the door. Make sure that the water was definitely room temperature and always clean. Immediately after the pet is redeemed, kupalku remove from the cell, so that he did not drink the dirty waters. Once a week will be enough. But if it is very hot, you can hang kupalku and more.
If the parrot will not be of interest tobathing, you can put in this capacity his favorite toy - a mirror ball or a favorite treat. Or you can try the first pour a little food in kupalku, and when the parrot gets used to climb back, pour a little some water.


Kupalki Also you can use a pallet. Regular litter box for example. That's where the real scope for the parrot. It can spread wings and tail, as well as to dive under the water. Some parrots love to be near their owners. To do this simply are near him. If the parrot ignore this method, do not worry.


One can use an alternative method -swimming in a wet lettuce. After all, in the natural nature parrots bathe it in the grass, when there is a morning dew. It will be great fun for your pet wavy. And if you have a manual parrot can bathe him in running water. But it is necessary to follow the flow and temperature of water.

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