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How to bathe wavy parrots


How to bathe wavy parrots</a>

A wavy parrot has appeared in your house. And now periodically it needs to be bathed in order to follow the feather cover of the pet.

Simple tips will help you easily accustom the parrot to bathing.



Wavy parrots are by nature veryClean. For this you can buy a bath in the pet store. Since most parrots love to swim in a cage, it can be hung on the door. Make sure that the water is always at room temperature and always clean. Immediately after the pet is bathed, remove the bathing from the cage so that he does not drink dirty water. Once a week will be enough. But if it is very hot, you can hang a bath and more often.
If a parrot does not show interest inBathing, you can put in this capacity his favorite toy - a mirror, a ball or a favorite treat. Or you can try first to pour a little food into the swimsuit, and when the parrot becomes accustomed to climb there, pour some water.


In addition to the bath you can use a pallet. Ordinary cat tray for example. That's where the real space for a parrot. He can spread the wings and tail, as well as dive under the water. Some wavy parrots are very fond of being close to their owners. To do this, just stay near it. If the parrot ignores this method, do not be discouraged.


You can use an alternative method -Bathing in a wet salad. After all, in the natural nature parrots swim just in the grass, when there is morning dew. This will be a great entertainment for your wavy pet. And if you have a hand parrot you can bathe it in running water. But it is necessary to monitor the flow and temperature of the water.

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