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How to bathe a decorative rabbit


How to bathe a decorative rabbit</a>

Specialists in breeding ornamental rabbitsDo not recommend them to bathe without the need at all. The rabbit's fur has the ability to self-purification and the ingress of excessive moisture on it disrupts the skin imbalance.

Therefore, it is necessary to wash the animal rarely and in case of emergency.

You will need

  • Tazik (bath), a thermometer, food (any of those that the animal likes), a terry mitten (sponge), a large towel (at least 5 pieces).



Prepare a basin with water. The water temperature should be 38-40 degrees. If you make the water colder, the rabbit can freeze and catch cold. This can not be allowed, because colds of these animals are practically not treated.


Give the rabbit a carrot, cabbage or other food that he particularly likes. Stroke his hair in the direction of its growth. Thus, you will calm the pet.


Remember that during water procedures you can not use any detergents, since they will negatively affect the balance of the wool a rabbit. Instead, you can use a sponge, a mahogany mitten, or simply wash the animal with your hands.


Place a rabbit In a basin or a bath with water of the necessary temperature,Stroke it and gently water it with water. Rub your hands with all the contaminated areas on the animal's fur, while avoiding the area around the eyes and ears. To wet eyes and ears is strictly forbidden, as this will provoke the appearance of otitis, which is not treated by decorative rabbits.


When rinsing a rabbit It is important not to use the shower. It is better if there is a container next to a warm clean water. Carefully remove a rabbit From the water and cover it with a towel. After the towel gets wet, it needs to be changed and continue to wipe a rabbit Do as the pet dries. Put the absolutely dry animal on the floor, treat it again and iron it. It is necessary to speak kindly to the animal so that it does not take offense. Decorative rabbits are very clean and dirty rarely, but if there is a need for washing them, it is better to do this with the least harm to the animal's psyche.


In no case do not speed up drying with the help of household appliances - it will frighten the decorative a rabbit And will negatively affect his nervous system.

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