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How to bathe a fluffy cat

How to bathe a fluffy cat

Luxury fur longhair cat looksfine - but only if it is immaculately clean. Remains of food, street dirt, small litter can ruin the appearance of your pet and even affect her health.

Bring the cat fur in order, you can use frequent combing and periodic cleaning.

Preparation for water procedures

whether you want to bathe your kitten
Cat does not require daily or evenweekly bath. Usually, it does not wash more than once a month. More intense water treatments can irritate the skin of the animal, the cat appears dandruff. In addition, not all pets safely tolerate washing.
a wash of British cats
Bathe your cat is most conveniently in a conventional bath orshower tray. Suitable for children and a plastic tub or large bowl. Wash your pet with warm water should be. Hot will irritate the skin and too cold on the cat can catch a cold. Pick a good shampoo. The usual remedy for human hair will not work - after the cat hair is patchy and dull. Buy a special shampoo for long-haired cats - it takes into account all the features of thin and soft wool.
How many teeth in cats
Some cats require special detergentmeans. For example, there are bluish white animal shampoos, cleans an ugly yellow color wool. Coal black and blue cats also better to wash with special coloring shampoo, reinforcing a dark coat color and hiding reddishnesses. This is especially important for cats who visit the exhibition.
how to clean cat teeth
Before water procedures carefully comb outanimal. Pay attention to the lush collar, long hair on the tail, abdomen and hind legs. Cut mats, if they were found out. Do not interfere, and a manicure. Shorten the claws special forceps, it will help to avoid scratches.
such as bathing siberian
Type in a tub of warm water a little - it shouldonly slightly cover the paws of a cat. A portion of shampoo, spread in the dipper, it will be easier to distribute the detergent for wool. Prepare in advance several large towels.

Getting to washing

Carefully place the cat in a bath, holding itthe withers. It is desirable to expand her head against the wall - so the animal will not attempt to jump. The warm water of the shower pour the cat, trying not to fall down. Thoroughly moisten the hair, and then distribute it on the diluted shampoo. Rub the skin of the cat's hands, focusing on contaminated sites. If necessary can be added a shampoo. At least wash your hair. Be careful that in the cat ears and eyes are not exposed to water. Rinse your pet with warm water.
Make sure that the cat is not frozen. Wash it should be quickly and confidently, constantly talking to the cat gentle voice. This will calm her and give courage.
Good hair rinse and gently squeeze ithands. Drain the water out of the tub and throw in the towel at the cat a lot. Wrap it and put it on the floor, the laid another towel. Carefully wipe the cat at the same time pressing her hair. When the towel becomes wet, replace it with the dry.
When the animal's coat is dry, the catcan be released. Give her a chance to recover and began to lick. If the animal quietly tolerate washing can dry it, vychesyvaya toothed comb. Very nervous cat best left alone - she lick and dry their hair themselves. Take care only that the apartment was no draft - wet pet easily gets cold.

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