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Foot bath with green tea


If you want your feet to always be in good shape and less tired, then try a bath prescription using green tea, wheat oil and soap.

Foot bath with green tea
To prepare this broth, you need to take a glass of green tea, a spoonful of wheat oil and 30 grams of any soap.

Tea perfectly helps to care for the skin and makesIts silky. As for wheat oil, when using it, the skin becomes more elastic and passes through inflammation. And soap is needed to make it easier to soften rough skin.

So, back to the recipe. Brew the green tea and let it brew, it will take 10-15 minutes. After that, soap the soap and pour warm water into the basin. Mix all ingredients, immerse your feet and relax.

After 20 minutes, rub the heels with pumice stone (if desired) and allow the legs to dry themselves.

It is best to make such a bath at night, because walking barefoot on the floor is quite inconvenient, if you still consider the moment that because of the oil your feet will begin to slide.

Therefore, after using the bath, go to bed, but do not cover your legs until they dry completely. The skin must absorb all the beneficial substances obtained after bathing.

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