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Bartolini: symptoms, methods of diagnosis and treatment

Bartholinitis: symptoms, methods of diagnosis and treatment

Bartolini - a disease which is associated withinflammatory process occurring in a large gland vestibule. Infectious agents quickly penetrate through the ducts, and the pathological process moves to the parenchyma, causing purulent or serous inflammation.

Exudate purulent character captures large slices of the prostate, a false abscess is formed which at any time can reveal.

Bartolini symptoms

In the acute stage, significantly increasedbody temperature, there is a general weakness, chills. External genitals are swollen, itchy and concerned about the selection. For an arbitrary breakthrough abscess general condition of the patient improved dramatically, the body temperature drops.

Diagnosis bartholinitis

When the first symptoms bartholinitis necessaryimmediately consult a gynecologist. External and internal examination helps to accurately determine the presence of inflammation. To reliably determine the cause of the disease is carried out laboratory research Bartholin's gland secretions, swabs taken from the vagina.

Bartolini treatment

Psevdoabstsess opened. The patient is prescribed antibiotics, warm baths with potassium permanganate. Since Bartholinitis may take the form of recurrent, in which there is a retention cyst, in an emergency hysterectomy is a Bartholin gland.

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