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Baroque style in the interior

Baroque style in the interior

The Baroque style originated in the seventeenth century, it is one of the most lush and rich classical styles.

The main task of the baroque to emphasize the wealth and power of the monarchs of the time.



Style was created for the decoration of the royalrooms, if you choose Baroque, your apartment must conform to the square. Furniture, moldings Baroque eat much space, do not forget about it. The basic proportions of the room keep the symmetry, but the finish has a free character. The decoration is dominated by ornate lines, sculptures of angels, plant motifs.


For the walls of this style is characterized bymural, which can flow smoothly in the ceiling. Perhaps wall decoration wood, plaster and textile wallpaper. And on the walls and on the ceiling there is an abundance of stucco, often gilded. Painting and stucco work must be performed exclusively by masters, otherwise you will not get rich decoration and banal consumer goods.


Typical colors for Baroque are gold and white, the painting depict the sky with angels. To use the floor parquet and tiles, which are beneficial to emphasize the wall.


Furniture ornate Baroque style, carved withlacquered details. The fabric used in upholstery, expensive and luxurious, such as velvet, brocade. Textiles and used when decorating windows, doors, often seen tapestries.


Lighting in the interiors of baroque lot of both natural and artificial. Natural light enters through the large windows, and artificial due to the abundance of chandeliers and candelabra.


For decorative suitable porcelain, mirrors, products made of ivory. You can use the paintings of landscapes, genre scenes, portraits appropriate.

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