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Banana mask for hair


Bananas are very useful fruit. After all, the composition of bananas include natural oils, useful microelements, vitamins. But they are useful not only to eat. From bananas it is possible to prepare good masks for a skin or hair.

Banana mask for hair
Banana masks have a good effect onDamaged and dry hair. So it is recommended to apply them for their recovery, mitigation. Banana masks fill the hair with carbohydrates, potassium, making them healthy.

Of course, you can buy a ready-made "banana" mask,But only a percentage of its naturalness will be small. So it's easier to prepare a mask on your own. Make masks from natural products twice a week, regularity will soon show your results, which you will be satisfied with.

With a blender, whisk together into a single massSpoonfuls of liquid honey, egg yolk and a whole soft banana. Spread the length of the hair, wait twenty minutes. Be sure to wrap your hair with a towel! Then rinse your hair with warm water, apply a balm that suits your hair type.

Or prepare a mask from a banana sproutedWheat and honey. It restores the structure of the hair, filling the lack of vitamins E and C. lack of vitamins, two tablespoons of grains of wheat and honey. Apply the mixture evenly on curls, wrap your head with a towel. Hold for twenty minutes, rinse your hair with water.

Another good recipe: whisk the flesh of ripe bananas, one avocado, add a spoonful of vegetable oil and yolk. Soak the mixture on your head for about fifteen minutes, wash it off.

It is worth noting that many bananas are combinedNatural products - kefir, vegetable oils (effectively burdock), sour cream. But the main thing - the mask should be applied for a long time, and then thoroughly washed off.

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