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Bamboo flooring: an overview

Bamboo flooring: an overview

Bamboo has long ceased to be exotic materials, and products made of it have become part of the interiors.

From it produce not only decorative items and furniture, and flooring.

Bamboo flooring has excellent performance properties and is suitable for floors in residential and public areas.

Bamboo is a thin tree trunk, which is located inside the cavity with cork walls. Pressed trunks used for the production of floor coverings.
Bamboo flooring has highmoisture resistance, lightness and strength. It is quite durable, it does not crack and does not swell. Everything else, this coating does not accumulate static electricity, and clean, so is ideal for arranging children's rooms. Winter bamboo flooring seems to warm and summer, contrast, cool, this is due to its low thermal conductivity.
Another important advantage of this parqueta reasonable price. This cover looks harmoniously and in a residential apartment, and public place. The owners of cafes and restaurants evaluated its durability and appearance of the original and fun to use for the organization of the interiors.
On sale bamboo flooring can be found threetypes: piece, mosaic and parquet. Parquet has trehloynoy structure and large sizes. Mosaic flooring can be laid as a mosaic. It consists of round or polygonal blocks. In turn, the flooring is composed of several extruded layers. Bamboo flooring is usually covered with either a glossy or matt lacquer. It protects the coating from sunlight and mechanical damage.
Bamboo cover is usually washed with a damp cloth. Once every three months is applied to the floor means a special caregiver. Do not walk on it in high heels and street shoes, and furniture legs must be nailed felt pads.

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