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Balyk from meat: we cook at home


Balyk, translated from the Turkic language, means"a fish". It is smoked, and then jerky. This dish is considered a delicacy snack and is prepared from very valuable fish and meat. Cutting from such a balyk is perfect for a festive table or just as a snack.

Balyk from meat: we cook at home

You will need

  • - fatty meat (it is best to use the pork neck) - 2 kilograms-
  • - salt - 90 grams or 2 tablespoons-
  • - sugar - 1 tablespoon-
  • - black ground pepper - 0.5 teaspoonful-
  • - red ground pepper-
  • - soda - 0.5 teaspoonful-
  • - apple cider vinegar - 4 tablespoons-
  • - coriander-
  • - vinegar usual 6% - 4 tablespoons.



The recipe for meat balyk is simple. You need to take fresh good meat. For this, it is better to use beef, wild bird or horsemeat, as well as pork tenderloin, however, carefully watch that the meat was without veins. Salt should be without the addition of coarse grinding, iodized will not work, as it will give the meat the taste of iodine. And that the balyk turned out to be more fragrant, the coriander added there, it can be slightly fried.


Meat should be cut into slices along the fibers. Pieces should be about 6 centimeters in width and 20 centimeters in length. Cut the meat with a special hammer from both sides. Sprinkle each slice with apple cider vinegar and carefully rub it with spices. Then put it tightly in a saucepan, and top with a plate and put some weight on it. Be sure to put the saucepan with meat in the refrigerator. Marinate should be at least 12 hours.


For the time that the meat will stand in theFridge, do not forget to mix it, at least a couple of times, after also tamping and pressing down. This must be done to ensure that the meat is properly mopped.


Now, when the meat is marinated, it is necessaryRinse in diluted vinegar (vinegar is diluted with water in proportions of 1: 9), and squeeze out excess. Then the pieces must be weighed. Lean meat should be in a room that is well ventilated, at a temperature of about 20 degrees, not higher, so that it does not become airborne. In winter, meat is best to dry, since there are no insects around, and the meat will not deteriorate from a sharp temperature drop. Meat can be hung on a nylon thread or on hooks made of stainless steel. The time required to make this dish is a couple of days. Here much depends on your taste and preferences, this time can be increased if necessary.

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