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Bald head of a man, how can restore hair

Bald head of a man, how can restore hair

Alopecia is a hair loss in large numbers. Such a violation is more common in a strong half of mankind.

To restore hair men experiencing the different techniques and tools.

Causes of baldness

As a rule, men start to go bald to the crown andthe front of the skull. Many women bald man seems more sexy and attractive. But most of the stronger sex when a similar problem concerned the loss of hair. This often leads to the complexes.
The causes of alopecia or abnormal hair loss are:
- Taking certain medicines preparatov-
- Frequent stressful situatsii-
- Unbalanced food-
- Hereditary factor
- Some of the disease organism.

Effective means for hair restoration

To prevent further hair loss and hair restoration techniques used 4:
- Operating metod-
- Antiandrogen terapiya-
- physiotherapy
- Local stimulation of hair growth.
Surgical intervention generallyused for extensive baldness. Depending on the area affected and the individual characteristics of the organism are various ways to recover. For example, when a small alopecia procedure recommended to stretch skin with normal hair growth. transplantation of hair follicles is also applied to one part of the head to the other, thereby making it possible to fully restore the hair.
Antiandrogen therapy isthe impact of special preparations on the area of ​​baldness. It should be noted that this technique is not recommended for young women, as it can cause a number of side effects. For example, there may be a weight problem and erection. There softer drugs, but they are used in combination with other methods of hair restoration.

Topical application of alfalfa, primroses, clover, avocado oil or jojoba renew hair growth without side effects.

Physical therapy is designed to improveblood circulation in the scalp cells. For this reason, power is activated hair follicles, resulting in a rapid growth. A common device for home of the procedure is the laser comb, regular use of which leads to the stimulation of growth.

sessions are recommended 2-3 times a week for 10-15 minutes to achieve the effect of the laser comb.

Stimulants for local effectsdesigned to preserve the existing hair and re-growth of the bulbs. Typically, this method is effective at the early stage of alopecia, when hair follicles are still alive. If a bald head appeared for a long time, do not expect a positive dynamics, because stimulants do not affect the dead follicles.
As the home of stimulants mayused funds based on honey, mustard, red pepper. They improve the nutrition of the skin and stimulate blood circulation, due to which you can quickly restore lost hair.

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