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SAC for sweets

Pouch for sweets - omiyage Butterfly

Traditional Japanese souvenirs - omiyage. Omiyage (Omiyage) - are small bags handmade, are packaged sweets.

Cute bag for sweets in the form of a butterfly will bring joy to any bestow.

You will need

  • - Pattern Butterflies
  • - Fabric four rastsvetok-
  • - Tape, decorative shnur-
  • - nitki-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - igolki-
  • - bulavki-
  • - sintepon-



Prepare patterns. Expanding the pattern on the fabric, hold them together with pins and cut: a large upper wing, the underside of the wing (2 parts), a person (2 pieces), the lower small wings body (2 parts), pocket (2 parts).
Please note that you need to cut out 2 kinds of small wings. For each wing to use 2 types of tissue - face and underside of the wing.


Butterfly wings folded face inwards,sew. Seam-handle scissors zigzag, so that after the eversion face, seam "did not pull." If nozhnits- zigzag not, you can just carefully with scissors to make a small incision in the tissue without damaging the line.
Sew body and pocket. All the details ironed.
Fill each wing with a thin layer of padding polyester, perform the face of the articles decorative stitch.


Removing the butterfly body, slightly fill itfiller, focusing on the tips of the "carcasses". Under syntepon pocket to put quite a bit, just to add volume. Pocket fill in the body, the outer edge of the sweep.


Sew pocket opening to the wings, the top handle lace (lace), forming kuliske. Insert into Drawstring cord.

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