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Harmful houseplants


Breeding indoor plants brings not onlyAesthetic pleasure, but also a benefit, since they are able to moisten the air, and some of them even absorb harmful toxins. However, not every plant is harmless, there are poisonous flowers. So which house plants should not be grown in the house? This is to be learned.

Harmful houseplants



All known ficus refers to poisonousPlants. It is considered harmful because of its juice, because of which people get inflamed skin, in addition, the juice of the ficus irritates the respiratory tract, which can even lead to an attack of asthma.


A beautiful plant called adenium fatAlso included in the list of poisonous. Unlike the ficus, this flower is absolutely poisonous any part of it. If an animal or child accidentally tries adenium fat for a taste, then strong poisoning can not be avoided. Do you want to buy a plant from the same family? Then know that every one of us is harmful.


Dangerous are plants related toFamily aroid, for example, diffenbachia. It has been popular with florists for more than 150 years. Juice contained in dienenbachia, on contact with the skin, causes dermatitis. If it accidentally gets into the eyes, it can cause conjunctivitis, if in the mouth - irritation of the mucous membrane along with swelling.


A harmful house plant called a monsterBelongs to the same family as diffenbachia, that is, to the aroids. The leaves of this plant contain toxins that can cause not only inflammation and burning in the mucous membranes, but also a profuse salivation along with vomiting and severe bowel disorder.


The plant itself of the hippeastrum is not harmful,But it is still considered poisonous because of the bulbs. Leaves and flowers do not carry danger, but it is not recommended to touch bulbs. If you are going to transplant the gippeastrum, then do this by first putting on rubber gloves.

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