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Is the TV harmful to the child?


Almost every house has a TV. And someone from the family likes to watch it. Before the appearance of a small child in the house, this is usually not a problem. Should I change my habits for the sake of the baby's health?

Watching TV can be active (whenThe person purposefully looks at the screen) and passive (when the TV works as a background, and we occasionally look at it). These views of the TV have a different effect on young children. We will understand how harmful each of them is to.

Mom all day is at home with the baby, whoStill can not talk. In order not to get bored, she turns on the TV in the background. In the evening, Dad comes and after a day's work wants to relax a bit, watch the news or an interesting film. This picture is familiar to most families. A child of up to a year can be placed in a crib or riding hall so that he almost does not see the TV screen. But the baby will hear everything. Avoid movies and broadcasts with sharp sounds (for example, with shooting), with loud quarrels and cries, so that the child's nervous system is not overexcited. Some neurologists believe that systematic listening to background conversations from the TV can later lead to a delay in speech development.

Active TV viewing affectsSight of the baby. Before reaching the age of two, oculists are not recommended to allow the child to look at the screen. Also, television has a huge impact on the child's nervous system. Instead of learning the world, the kid looks at the screen and runs the risk of losing touch with reality, and in the future, strive to escape to the world of illusions.

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