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Children's laziness: causes, consequences and ways of fighting


Children's laziness is born with the child, oftenIs cultivated by parents. Initially, a child can not do anything himself, for him do mom and dad. Thus, the negative impact of parents is created through the endless care of the child.

Children's laziness

Many believe that the child is not up to the job. Such people protect their child from duties, independence, instilling in them a sense of laziness.

You can often hear:

- do not take a cup,

- do not cut bread yourself, you can cut yourself,

- let's bring the portfolio-

- tie the laces-

- Go, I'll clean up the toys for you (mothers often say when they have the patience to collect toys with the child).

You can enumerate very long Parental errors.

The causes of laziness:

- hyperope, hypoopeak-

- Spoiled child-

- the child does not have a visual picture of work activity in the family-

- monotony of duties and boredom-

- lack of energy. Lack of vitamins, disease.

Methods to combat childish laziness.

1) The most effective method with young children is to do everything together, showing an example. Do not forget to praise a child, do not push him when he wants to help you.

2) Explain to the kid what is his activity. Tell us why you need cleaning, washing dishes, etc.

3) Identify the child clearly his range of daily responsibilities.

4) The child wants to have a result "here and now". When parents teach a child something, one should not only explain the theoretical aspects of one or another activity, but immediately perform in a practical way. We adults can wait and predict the result in the future, children live in a different reality.

5) In time, accustom a child to work - make life easier for him in the future. He will not grow up, a lazy person and a man who avoids his duties and work.

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